5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Invisalign

Invisalign is the next big thing for having a straight smile. It works as well as traditional braces and it also allows the patient to live their life as normal as before.

The popularity of this alternative treatment grows from year to year, thanks to its comfort, practicality, effectiveness and stylish looks.

If you’re still wondering whether Invisalign is the right choice for your (or your family member) take a look at the following perks.

How flexible is Invisalign?

When you wear traditional braces, one of the major restrictions is food.  It’s really difficult to say ‘No’ to a certain type of food like apples, nuts, popcorn, etc. Most of our social life revolves around food, so imagine how hard it is going through a movie night without popcorn?

With Invisalign, you’re able to eat pretty much anything you did before because you can remove them before your meal. Of course, you have to remember to brush and floss afterward. So say goodbye to food restrictions and keep on enjoying food with Invisalign.

And if we look beyond food, some types of sports can be difficult if not dangerous for players with traditional metal braces. Some parts of your braces might get loose, break and cause you really unpleasant irritation or even pain. And when that occurs (something gets loose or broken) you will have to pay a visit to your dentist to have it fixed. Not to mention the regular maintenance you have to do with regular braces. With Invisalign, you can remove the aligner and replace it with a mouthguard while playing sports. Once you’re done, you can put away the mouthguard and put it back on your Invisalign aligner.

Traditional braces also pose another difficulty for those that play some sort of brass or woodwind instrument. But Invisalign can be removed before your rehearsal and put back on once you’re done.

Is Invisalign effective as metal braces?

The most common dental issues today are underbite, overbite, overcrowding, and gaps between teeth. Before, metal braces were the go-to solution for these problems. Nowadays, if you wear your Invisalign aligner for the recommended period of time every day (between 20-22 hours), you can easily treat these dental issues. Stop by at Premier Family Dental for a consult where we can assess if you’re eligible for this aligner before you invest.

Is brushing with Invisalign easy?

We can all agree that good dental hygiene is important. In the past, when you had metal braces, brushing and flossing your teeth was tricky and sometimes time-consuming. With Invisalign, you remove the aligner before brushing/flossing, so taking care of your teeth and gums is as before you had the aligner. And cleaning your aligner is a breeze too. You can either purchase special cleaning kits or you can just brush and rinse them with warm water.

Is Invisalign comfortable?

Unlike traditional braces that are made from metallic archwires and metallic brackets, Invisalign aligners are made from lightweight plastic that is custom-fitted to your teeth. Because of this, wearing them the recommended 20-22 hours per day is comfortable and easy. Plus, there are no metal wires that might irritate your mouth, gums or cheeks.

Invisalign are stylish

Aside from all the other perks mentioned above, this is probably the most popular feature – they are invisible. The treatment with Invisalign is very discrete, which is important for those feeling a bit self-conscious about their smile. Removability is also an added bonus, especially if you want to show nothing more than your natural smile on special occasions like weddings, proms, photoshoots, etc.



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