Advantages of Dental Implants In Gilbert, AZ

Dental implants are among the many options for replacing missing or damaged teeth. They come with a few important advantages over the other solutions. They are almost as good as natural teeth and may provide a superior long-term value compared to other dental prostheses. The major benefits of dental implants include:


Dental implants improve an individual’s appearance. Most people find that they are the most natural-looking and natural-feeling alternative to original teeth. Dental implants can be made to perfectly match the color of natural teeth.

Last a Long Time

Longevity is an important factor when choosing a dental prosthesis. Dental implants last longer than other options, including conventional bridgework. Studies show that dental implants can last up to 15 years.

Remain Fixed

Dentures can slip and cause those wearing them to slur their words and may make eating certain foods difficult. Implants function like natural teeth, so speech will be unaffected, and food choices won’t be limited. Implants make patients confident in their smile and that they will be able to eat and engage socially without worrying about dentures that might all out.

No Grinding of Healthy Teeth Necessary

Dental implants don’t require modifications to healthy teeth for support like dental bridges. The more natural teeth the patient retains, the better their long-term oral health is likely to be. Cleaning and flossing are easy since implants are very similar to natural teeth.

Prevents Bone Loss

Implants prevent bone loss that tends to occur because of missing teeth. The lower third of the face can collapse due to a process known as bone resorption. Because there is no bone loss with dental implants, jaw height is retained, so the shape of the jaw is unaffected.

Improved Nutrition

Because so many foods may be off-limits to people with missing teeth or dentures, dental implants allow them to enjoy a much more varied diet. Dental implants restore the patient’s bite force so that they can bite down on foods with approximately the same amount of force that they would have been able to use with their natural teeth.

No More Cavities

Patients will still need to maintain oral hygiene to prevent infections, but dental implants can’t develop cavities.

Supports Natural Teeth

The teeth on either side of a gap left by a missing tooth can shift because of the space between them so that they become misaligned. A dental implant in that gap can prevent movement to ensure a symmetrical smile.

Dental implants are one of the first options that should be considered whether for a single tooth or full-arch restoration. Not only are they durable, they are beneficial for oral health, which means they can improve quality of life as well.


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