Avoid these things after you get a dental crown

avoid these things when getting a dental crown

Sometimes we need to restore our tooth because of its size or strength and the best way to do this is by a dental crown, which are also known as dental caps. These devices are an excellent way to improve the visual appearance of your teeth and also provide added stability and strength. But as with every other dental procedure (cosmetic or general dentistry), there are a few things you need to avoid.

Tooth sensitivity after a dental crown procedure

Once you have your new dental crown fitted, you might experience some sensitivity to hot or cold beverages/foods. This can be due to gum recession around the neighboring teeth or because of thin enamel on those teeth. Whichever the case, make sure that you contact us and schedule an appointment so we can determine whether the crown needs readjustment. It might be that you only need to switch to a different tooth paste, specifically designed for sensitive teeth.

Avoid hard or sticky food

Before you get fitted with a permanent dental crown, you will first receive a temporary dental crown. The temporary crown will be fitted only for a week or two, so it’s important that you avoid hard and sticky foods during that time.

The temporary dental crown is not as strong or durable as a permanent one, so you need to be really careful. If you need to eat hard foods (raw vegetables, hard candy, nuts etc.) make sure that you don’t chew them on the side where the temporary crown is. The same rule applies to sticky foods like caramel, taffy or gum.

Foods and drinks rich in sugar after a dental crown

Once you get your dental crown fitted (the real one) you don’t need to worry about food pulling it out. But as usual, maintaining good oral health is important so paying attention that you don’t drink/eat to much sugary food/drinks is important.

Even though the dental cap is artificial (unlike your tooth) and it cannot decay, the surrounding teeth are still susceptible to cavities and tooth decay. In order to protect them and maintain good oral health, you should avoid (or at least minimize) starchy food intake, candy, sugary drinks etc.

You don’t necessarily need to cut out all of these, but consume them in moderation. The more residual sugar there is, the more bacteria will have to feed on and there will be more plaque and tooth decay.

Oral hygiene and care after a dental crown are not so different than from before the crown. But if you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact us and schedule an appointment.


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