how to treat cold sore naturally

Treat a cold sore naturally

You’ve most likely heard the phrase “cold sore” but didn’t actually know what it was or how it occurs. Cold sore is small but painful blister caused by a virus. It is actually very common and at least 90% of people around the world has had some form of cold sore caused by a herpes…

Here are a few things to consider if you want braces

You want braces? Consider these 5 things!

Before, when we thought about braces, we only thought about the kind that children used to wear. However, thankfully to the advancements of modern-day dentistry, they have become a treatment for every age. If you have misaligned teeth that you want to straighten, and you’re considering having braces, there are a few things you need…

Invisalign results

Invisalign results – Top 6 Tips and Tricks

If you have crooked teeth that have been bothering you for a while, Invisalign is one of the best ways to align them. The technique and Invisalign results are the same as with traditional braces. The main difference is the aesthetic component. As the name Invisalign suggests, these braces are clear, virtually invisible unless you…