Seasonal Snacking: Dental-Friendly Alternatives for Thanksgiving Preparations

As Thanksgiving approaches, the excitement of delicious feasts and seasonal treats fills the air. While indulging in holiday delights is a tradition, it’s essential to balance the joy of the season with mindful choices that promote excellent oral health.  At Premier Family Dental Care, serving the residents of Gilbert and Chandler, we understand the importance…

Traveling for the Holidays: Oral Care Tips for Gilbert Residents

The holiday season is upon us, and as Gilbert residents gear up for Thanksgiving and the festivities that follow, many of us may be hitting the road to celebrate with family and friends.  While it’s a time for joy and togetherness, it’s also crucial not to neglect your oral health during this period of indulgence….

Mindful Eating for Healthy Teeth: World Food Day and Your Dental Wellness

Greetings, Gilbert residents! As World Food Day approaches, we’re all gearing up to celebrate the diverse and delectable cuisines that bring our community together. While enjoying these culinary delights, it’s essential to consider their impact on your dental wellness.  At Premier Family Dental Care, we believe that mindful eating is the key to maintaining a…

World Smile Day Special: Affordable Teeth Whitening Options in Gilbert

Hello, Gilbert residents! World Smile Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with a brighter, more confident smile?  At Premier Family Dental Care, we’re excited to join you in spreading smiles across our community.  We understand that teeth whitening is a popular choice for enhancing your smile, and we’re…

Your Dental Health Journey: From Baby Teeth to Adulthood

The vibrant city of Chandler, Arizona, is where smiles are forever in abundance! Much like life’s journey, your dental health journey begins in childhood, continues through the teenage years, and evolves into adulthood.  This week, Premier Family Dental Care takes you on an enlightening expedition through the various stages of dental health and explores how…

Gilbert’s Guide to Healthy Gums: Stop Ignoring Gum Health

Nestled in the heart of Arizona, Gilbert is a vibrant and sunny city where life is enjoyed to the fullest. And what’s more enjoyable than a hearty smile that radiates confidence? As we dive into the importance of gum health, Premier Family Dental Care this week explores why it’s essential to stop ignoring your gums…

The ABCs of Vitamins for Your Teeth: A National Nutrition Week Guide

National Nutrition Week 2023 is upon us, and while most of us are well aware of the benefits of a balanced diet for our overall health, we often overlook the vital role nutrition plays in maintaining strong and healthy teeth.  At Premier Family Dental Care, serving Gilbert and Chandler residents, we believe that well-informed patients…

Dr. Nguyen
Dr. Nguyen

Dr. Nguyen is committed to providing high-quality dentistry using state-of-the-art equipment to help you achieve improved oral health and the beautiful smile you deserve.

Dr. Nguyen has served on the Virginia Board of Dentistry and has many achievements such as: Invisalign Premier and Teen Provider, Pre-Fellow with Academy of General Dentistry, Graduate of Aesthetic Continuum, Engel Institute for Dental Implant Training, WaveOne Endodontic Training, HD President’s Club.

Dr. Nguyen enjoys spending time with his wife and three daughters, staying active in the gym, and trying out new restaurants.  When he isn’t at work, you can find him playing basketball, tennis, football, or hiking.

“I want to make you feel right at home, exceed your expectations, and provide an amazing experience!”