Care after dental implants

Care after dental implants

Many people that are considering having dental implants are also worried about the recovery time and how to care for them after the procedure. Here are some helpful tips.

Just like every patient is different, the recovery time after dental implants can also vary. But a general rule is that the recovery is based on how many teeth are being implanted and weather a bone graft was necessary or not. Or course, we can’t rule out how each patient is managing his or her recovery. Over the years, the technology behind dental implants has improved remarkably, and so did the post-op pain management and comfort.

Recovery time after dental implants

The fastest recovery can be expected after only one dental implant and if there was no need to do a bone graft. Simple procedure usually means simple, short and relatively painless recovery. Patients can expect some minor bruising or swelling but this is totally normal and can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication.

However, if the dental implant procedure was complex, where more than one dental implant was inserted or severe bone grafting was required, the recovery time can be longer and the discomfort more intense.

Generally speaking, the recovery time from dental implants is determined by:

  • How many dental implants you received
  • Was there healthy bone for the implants or was bone grafting necessary
  • Unique factors to your mouth and your body’s ability to heal
  • How well do you follow the post-op instructions you got from your dentist
  • Whether or not you have diabetes – Diabetes can affect circulation which is key for the healing process
  • Whether you’re a smoker or not

Post-op care of dental implants

After your dental implant procedure, the main thing you need to focus on is to keep your mouth clean. This can be easily done by simply rinsing your mouth saltwater each day after surgery.

Brushing your teeth isn’t something you need to rush into. Brushing is usually recommended the first night after the surgery. And even then, make sure that you’re extremely gentle especially after the surgical site. You don’t want to disrupt the healing process.

In the first week or so after the procedure, refrain from smoking or sucking from a straw, as this can significantly hinder the healing process. Your diet should consist only of soft food that you don’t need to chew much. You will eventually, after 7-10 days, be able to eat solid food and return to your usual diet.

Useful tips for successful recovery

  • Don’t blow your nose. If you feel that you need to sneeze, do it so with your mouth open. This will reduce the pressure in the sinus area
  • Avoid smoking tobacco, cannabis, smokeless nicotine products etc.
  • Don’t pull on your lips in order to take a look at your stitches
  • Avoid using straws
  • Refrain from eating hot food
  • Feel free to use cold compress on the surgical areas to reduce the swelling
  • You can make your own mouth rinse from half teaspoon of salt, half teaspoon of baking soda and 8 ounces of water.

If you recently done dental implants at Premiere Dental Clinic and you need additional advice on post-op care or you feel some discomfort, make sure to contact us.


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