Extracting a Baby Tooth

Why Home Remedies are Dangerous for Extracting a Baby Tooth?

At Premier Family Dental, we have a professional team ready to extract any baby tooth you may have. There are quick and painless ways of removing it at home but having an expert dentist pull out your child’s unwanted molars with their own professional instruments ensures that everything will be safe for both parties involved!…

Flossing gums daily can prevent cavities - Gilbert Dentist | Premier Family Dental

Benefits of Flossing Gums Daily

The feeling of cleanliness between your teeth and gums is not only amazing for the aesthetics, but it also benefits oral health. Plaque can be removed with toothpaste or dental floss in order to prevent gum disease from forming as well as cavities that could lead to costly treatments such as crowns/ bridges! It’s important…

chewing gum protects your teeth

Chewing gum protects your teeth?

We all live busy lives with so many things to do each and every day, that dedicating some time to maintain our oral hygiene seems like a monumental task. Because of this, we quite often take a chewing gum on our way out instead of taking 2-3 minutes and brushing our teeth properly. Now even…

replacing missing teeth

Why you should replace your missing teeth – part 1

Missing teeth is a common occurrence in adults and it can happen for any number of reasons, although the most common ones are congenital, tooth loss due to tooth decay and trauma. Now, even though missing teeth are common, that doesn’t mean that it should be ignored. In fact, when it comes to your health…

bad breath - causes and how to combat it

The cause of bad breath and how to combat it

Many suffer from bad breath and this is the most common complaint. But just because nearly every person in the world is struggling with this problem, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t impact your life. Did you know that bad breath (or halitosis) was named the third worst smell in some countries? It was competing for…

Should you get an electric or manual toothbrush

Should you get an electric or manual toothbrush?

Everyone’s good oral health starts with tooth brushings. According to some dental associations, both a manual and electric toothbrush is effective in removing oral plaque which is the main reason of tooth decay and dental problems. Now, even though both types of toothbrushes are good in doing what they do, there are certain advantages to…

Benefits of having braces

Benefits of having braces

If you want to improve your smile through an Orthodontic treatment, having braces is inevitable. Opting in for braces is not always an easy decision and many people deter from it for various reasons. Usually people say NO to braces because of the cost but they often neglect the positive sides and benefits of braces….

Why is saliva important for your oral health

Why is saliva important for your oral health?

Not many of you know, but saliva is probably the most important and most neglected factor in your oral health. Proper amounts of saliva are crucial for good oral health, less cavities and good digestion. Let’s see what are the main roles and benefits of saliva and what should you do if you produce too…

Should I consider dental implants

Should I consider dental implants?

Dental implants are one of the most recommended alternative for tooth replacement. We all know that losing our baby teeth in order to create room for permanent teeth is a natural thing. But once we have our permanent teeth, we need to take extra care of them in order to avoid tooth loss due to…