Causes of Gapped Teeth

Having a gap in your teeth is a pretty common occurrence in many patients. Some don’t mind having a gap while others don’t like having it around and would like to fix it. There is a plethora of reasons why you may have a gap in your teeth and the majority of these gaps are fixable. Some fixes are quicker than others however, either way, the gap, if desired, can be fixed.

Why Do I Have a Gap in My Teeth?

Many gaps are commonly caused by genetics. Your genes simply passed down the coding for your body to produce a gap in your teeth which can’t be helped but, can definitely be fixed. However, habits such as tobacco use, sucking on a thumb, an accident causing damage to the mouth, can cause gaps to form in our teeth as well. Gaps can be avoided if these types of habits are corrected early on and the damage to the mouth can be altered if need be in order to avoid a gap forming. Gaps can be formed by losing a tooth, gum disease loosening teeth, or even an excess of gum tissue as well. As mentioned, there are quite a few reasons why you could have a gap in your teeth. The good news is though, usually the gap can be fixed if this is what you desire.

Fixes for a Gap in Teeth

One of the more popular methods for fixing gaps in teeth are braces. Of course, braces often average a minimum of two years before they’re complete, however, they’re worth the time, effort, and money. Braces produce a beautiful smile and will fix more than just the gap in your teeth. Other fixes similar to braces are expanders, retainers, clear aligners, etc. These all work in similar fashions and often times are a gradual fix for tooth gaps. It’s important to note that most tooth gaps cannot be fixed overnight and will take a gradual adjustment to be fixed long-term. If adjusted too quickly, damage can occur to your teeth and jaw which result in even more work and cost.

Issues such as missing teeth can be fixed a bit quicker than braces. An implant, partial dentures, or even a bridge can be used to fix this issue. This sort of fix can happen in only a couple of visits to your dental professional. Much quicker than braces but, obviously, a much different circumstance. Your dental professional will look into the circumstances and the cause of the gap in your tooth to decide the best course of action for your case specifically. Often times you will have a couple of options you an choose from in order to choose what is best for you and what you’re comfortable with.


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