Causes of Root Canal Inflammation

Our bodies can be a strange place where issues pop up and you’re wondering where in the world it came from. Sometimes, when our teeth give us major issues, especially if we keep a pretty good dental hygiene routine, it can catch us off guard. One of these frustrating moments can be root canal inflammation. This usually causes major pain even from what seems a simple issue. For the most part, more major dental issues pop up from simpler issues being left untreated. This is usually the answer for most root canal inflammation. Let’s dive a little deeper.

What is the Root Canal?

The root canal is the center of your tooth where the pulp of the tooth is found. In the middle of your tooth, where none of us usually get to see, unless we’re a dental professional, is a cavity (a hollow space, not the bad kind of cavity) with a substance called “pulp.” This pulp feeds nutrients to the tooth as we get older. Once the tooth has matured, the pulp is no longer necessary. Therefore, if it becomes infected, it’s no issue to just remove it in order to save and protect the outer portion of the tooth. A procedure called a “root canal” is where a dentist removes the pulp of the tooth and fills it with another substance in order to reinforce the integrity of the tooth.

What Causes the Inflammation in the First Place?

When the pulp of a tooth has to be removed due to inflammation or infection, there is an underlying cause that has brought this about. Usually, the outer layers of a tooth protect the pulp from infection and bacteria. However, when this barrier is compromised in any way, it can allow bacteria to slip through and infect the pulp, leading to inflammation. This barrier can be compromised through cracking a tooth, gum disease, abscess, etc. A mere chip in the tooth doesn’t seem like any big deal until we leave it unfixed and it causes us to get an infection or inflammation, leading to a root canal procedure.

As mentioned before, the issues that usually lead to a root canal are pretty easily fixed if not left to cause more damage. This is why it’s important to act on any dental issues that might appear. Due to the high volume of bacteria that builds up in our mouth throughout the day, infections and issues can pop up quickly if even the smallest problem goes unchecked.

Never be afraid to give your dental professional a call with any questions and concerns you might have about your dental health. These issues are important and one quick call or dental visit could save you a lot of money, pain, time, and effort.


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