Cavities and Kids: What Parents Should Know and Expect

All parents want to make sure their child is in good health, including oral health. However, things happen that are often out of their hands, even with the best of efforts at play. This is actually common when it comes to cavities. This is why it’s important that parents should know the ins and outs of cavities and what to expect. This way, they won’t be caught off guard and can make the next step with their child’s oral health smoothly. Below are the answers to some commonly asked questions about children and cavities.

Why Does My Child Keep Getting Cavities?

Cavities are teeth rotting or becoming decayed. This is caused by poor oral hygiene along with a poor diet. Bad bacteria gets built up in the mouth and packs itself away in the cracks and grooves of the teeth as well as in and around the gums. This can cause plaque to build upon the teeth and for infections to occur. This also eventually leads to tooth decay and cavities. Since children are more commonly given snacks and sugary drinks along with not being as versed at dental care, they are prime targets for cavities. If your child is consistently getting cavities, it’s important you adjust their oral hygiene routine and ensure they’re brushing thoroughly, including their tongue. They should also use mouth rinse and floss, along with rinsing their mouth with water after drinking or eating sugary substances. If your child goes to bed right after drinking juice or similar drinks, they should brush their teeth before falling asleep. Sleeping with a sippy or bottle with a sugary drink such as milk or juice is when a large amount of damage can be caused to a child’s teeth. It’s also best to limit their sugar and junk food intake whether that’s food or drinks. In some cases, recurrent cavities could be the sign of another underlying issue. Always see a dentist if your child is having issues like this.

Should a Child Get Cavities Fill?

That’s a big, yes! Depending on the age of the child, it’s most likely their baby teeth being affected. Children need their baby teeth for vital developmental steps and hurdles. The list is endless for issues that can occur if a child doesn’t have their baby teeth or is having issues with their baby teeth. A dentist will always try their best to keep the natural baby teeth if at all possible. If a child has a cavity, the dentist will definitely want to fill it in order to save that baby tooth. A filling won’t hurt a child, no matter the age, and is a simple and painless p

How Do Pediatric Dentists Fill Cavities?

A child’s cavity will be filled the exact same way an adult is. The two most common materials for a child’s filling are amalgam silver and composite resin. The cavity is removed from the tooth and the empty space is filled with the filling material and then dried with a special light. Once dry, the filling will be shaped with a file if need be and the child’s bite will be checked to make sure the filling fits in the mouth properly. The procedure is accomplished in one appointment in less than an hour.

The most important aspect for parents to remember is that their child relies on them to have impeccable oral hygiene. Cavities are easy and quick for a child to get, so changes that need to be made to oral hygiene routines or diets shouldn’t wait.




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