Dental hygiene and why it’s important

Dental hygiene and why it’s important

Having good general hygiene routine was important, even before Covid-19 pandemic. But as the pandemic wears on, hygiene is become the No.1 thing in everyone’s life. Many of you don’t realize how important hygiene is for your general wellbeing but also for your oral health. And since it’s still recommended to maintain social distancing, you need to do everything you can to maintain good oral hygiene. And here’s why!

Transfer of bacteria

Throughout the day you touch various surfaces, shake hands with people and even pet pets. All those things have bacteria on them that your hands collect and they get transferred to your mouth when you eat with your fingers, brush your teeth and floss. And once the bacteria reach your mouth, it could cause gum disease or infections.

You probably didn’t know, but it has been said that there are over 10 million bacteria are present on your toothbrush, which is more than on an average toilet seat. So it’s important that you maintain proper hygiene of your toothbrush as well so that the bacteria don’t end up in your mouth.

Aside from causing gum disease and infection, bacteria in our mouth is also responsible for the formation of plaque and significantly increase the risk of cavities and of course be the cause of bad breath.

Proper hygiene kills bacteria before they ‘set up camp’

A good hygiene routine will ensure that you keep harmful bacteria away from you mouth. The best way to keep away bacteria is to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and warm water.

We realize that you don’t always have access to soap and clean warm water. In those situations, hand sanitizers like Purell is a good alternative. Unlike soap and water, hand sanitizers don’t remove dirt and oil from your hands, so before applying, make sure that you wipe your hands with a napkin or towel.

When it comes to cleaning your toothbrush, we recommend that you rinse it in hot water before and after use. After all, hot water kills bacteria more efficiently than cold water.

And lastly, we come to food and beverages. The sugar contained in most foods and beverages are a dream come true to the bacteria in your mouth, because food and beverages help breed bacteria. So after every meal or drink, make sure that you brush and floss. Of course don’t do it immediately (and in many occasions you won’t even be able to) so wait at least 30 minutes and in the meantime you can rinse your mouth with water.

The impact of oral health on your overall health

Everything that happens inside your body is connected to something else that happens (or might happen). This is why poor oral health and hygiene can lead to a number of other health problems.

Infections that start out in your mouth, if left untreated, can spread throughout your body. Gum disease, cause by bacteria, can create a path for the bacteria to enter your bloodstream and cause various other illnesses, including heart disease.

Plaque that enters your bloodstream can cause a stroke or even a heart attack. And poor oral hygiene can impair diabetics to regulate their blood sugar and can even have negative impacts on the unborn baby.

So by taking good care of our oral health, we also ensure that we remain in good overall health.

Yes, there are many uncertainties right now, connected to the pandemic. However, if we take the lead on our hygiene and oral health, this should give us some control and prevent illnesses that can be easily avoided.


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