Dental Implants – maintenance tips

maintenance of dental implants

If you’re looking for an alternative to natural teeth, then dental implants is the answer. They provide the natural feel and function of natural teeth and look really natural if you want have confidence in your smile.

However, there are certain differences between natural teeth and implants. Natural teeth attach to the gums through collagen fibers, but dental implants bond with the tissue of the jawbone through a process called osseointegration. Because of this, the maintenance can be slightly different than the one you practiced for your natural teeth. So what are the maintenance things you should keep an eye on when it comes to dental implants?

With dental implants you should avoid infections

Infections are something you should avoid regardless whether you have dental implants or not. But in case of dental implants, this is highly recommended. When you get dental implants, you will need to take immunosuppressors which suppress your immune system so that it doesn’t attack the implants. So if you get an infection, it can be pretty bad. Now, you can of course take antibiotics with your immunosuppressors in order to fight the infection if it occurs but the best way to avoid infections is to have good oral hygiene.  So when you brush your teeth, make sure that you also clean your implants from any excess bacteria.

Right tools for maintenance

Using only your toothbrush to clean your implants might not be enough. This is why we recommend that you pay a visit to your hygienist and get the proper tools for implant maintenance. These tools will ensure that your implants are in top shape and clean but they won’t damage them. Furthermore, with most high-quality implants, maintenance tools are included and your dentist will give them to you once the procedure is done. You should use these tools twice a day to make sure your implants are bacteria-free and if you need help or advice on how to use them, ask your dentist.

The first 48 hours

After dental implant procedure, the first 48 hours are crucial. Within this timeframe you need to make sure that you keep gentle pressure on packs with your teeth to keep them in place. Gauze packs should not be changed within the first hour or two unless you experience heavy bleeding. In that case, packs should be changed every 30 minutes. If you do experience heavy bleeding, don’t be scared since this is perfectly normal. After the second day after the procedure, you should resume your regular oral hygiene without any issues.

First few weeks after dental implants procedure

In the first few weeks after you got your dental implants, proper hygiene is very important. So we highly recommend that you follow your dentist’s instructions to a tee and use the proper tools. Brushing and flossing should also be regular. This will ensure that your body heals quickly. Also, in the first few weeks, we highly recommend that you eat only soft food. Excessive pressure on your dental implants (from chewing hard food) might hinder the bonding process between your implants and jawbone structure.

If you’re considering having dental implants, contact our office today to schedule an appointment and learn more about the procedure.


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