Do I need a Dental Bridge – Part 1

When we speak about dental procedure, we must emphasize that every dental procedure has two important parts to play. The first part is to locate and correct the issue that was harmful for our dental health. The second part is to improve or maintain our teeth’s appearance.

There are different strategies that dentists might recommend, and one of them are dental bridges. Dental bridges are one of the most common dental solutions. But in what situations can they make a difference?

Dental bridges help you get rid of decayed teeth

Many dental patients have teeth that need to be extracted. These teeth are passed the point of being saved and the safest by any dental technique like fillings, crowns, veneers and the safest bet would to be to simply have them removed.

In situations where one to three teeth like this happen to be next to each other, the main alternative to replacing them would be to do a dental bridge. Dental bridges don’t decay over time so they should last for a long, long time. So from this side of things, having your decaying teeth replaced by dental bridges is a great tooth replacement and with little health risk.

Filling the gaps

Once you have removed your decaying teeth, you need to fill in the gap. Of course unless you want to go through life with a huge gap in your teeth.

When it comes to filling the gaps, dental bridges are a really good solution. Setting up and placing dental bridges is simple, relatively fast and they don’t require too much management but provide attractive and practical results.

There is more than one design of dental bridges. Some of them are fixed while others can be removed. If you want to know more about what types are there and what are their PROs/CONs, make sure that you speak to your dentist.

Dental bridges can help you restore confidence in your smile

Not having a perfect smile can really hurt your confidence in ways that you avoid smiling for pictures, avoid talking…basically anything that might cause you to open your mouth. Going through an extensive period of time like that, without being able to smile whenever you want, feeling self-conscious all the time…that’s no fun. Why do that when there’s a pretty simple fix?

After having their dental bridge in place, many patients felt even more confident about their smile. Mainly because there was no huge gap between their teeth, but also that their old, dark and damaged teeth were replaced by healthy and beautiful teeth.

Enjoy your food

When you don’t have all your teeth or some of them are not in perfect health, chewing properly is really difficult. Not to mention that you might need to avoid certain type of foods even though it’s your favorite. Instead of chewing on the other side, having a dental bridge fitted is a better solution.

Dental bridges are sturdy and stable so that you can continue chewing your favorite food the way you’re used to. This of course doesn’t mean that you can chew on everything. You have to apply the same caution as you do with your natural teeth, so you shouldn’t chew on ice, hard candy or anything that might cause damage.

Dental bridges minimize the risk of damage to other teeth

Extracting your damaged and decayed teeth didn’t end the threat to your other teeth, because food can get stuck in the gaps, causing cavities and damage to your other teeth. So the best way to protect your remaining healthy teeth is to seal the gap and prevent food for collecting there. This is yet another benefit of having a dental bridge

If you get a type of bridge where the process involves adhering the bridge to anchor teeth, then you don’t have to wear about the gaps, because there are any. And if you opt in for a removable dental bridge, the space between it and your other teeth is similar to the space between your other natural teeth. Furthermore, these bridges are removable which makes it really easy for you to clean the gaps.


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