Do I need a Dental Bridge – Part 2

In our previous blog, we discussed some of the benefits of having a dental bridge installed once you remove damaged or decayed teeth. So let’s continue.


Many people don’t understand that teeth play a huge part in our speaking. Our tongue brushes against them and help us form clear words and speak.

When we are missing one or more teeth, people might have a harder time understanding us because we don’t pronounce words clearly like we did before. Remember how children are difficult to understand once they start losing their baby teeth? Well, it’s the same thing here, but you won’t get another set of natural teeth to fill in the gaps.

Luckily, dental bridges clearly resemble your natural teeth so you won’t have any difficulties in speaking or people understanding you.

A faster solution to other tooth replacement alternatives

When you extract one or more of your teeth, you have several tooth replacement alternatives that you can pick from. Aside from dental bridges, you can also go for individual implants. Both alternatives are excellent choices, but in some cases, dental bridges are a more rational and practical solution.

First of all, individual implants require a certain amount of effort for EVERY single implant. Your dentist needs to place every implant and then put a cap on it. You will have some time to get used to the implants, since the caps are custom manufactured, but eventually you will have to go back to your dentist to have the caps placed. Depending on how long does it take to heal, the entire process can take about a few weeks.

On the other hand, your dentist could be able to prepare the dental bridge so it can be positioned and fixed quickly. Of course, you still need a few days to wait for your gums to heal (after the extraction) but that’s only days compared to weeks. And probably the best thing about dental bridges is that they don’t take too long to get them in to position.

Dental bridges are budget friendly

When you compare the cost of a dental bridge to other teeth replacement alternative, you will quickly realize another reason why this is the go-to option for many dental patients.

If you for example, have dental coverage, it’s most likely that your insurance will take care the majority of the cost of a dental bridge and you’ll be left with a small amount to cover from your own pocket.

But with other, more expensive solutions, that might not be the case. It’s known that dental implants a somewhat expensive, so even if your dental plan does cover a portion of the cost, you can still end up covering the rest (which will be larger sum) out of your own pocket.

Dental bridges reduce the risk of teeth shifting

When you extract a few of your teeth and you don’t fill the gap, the remaining of your natural teeth will start to shift. They have the extra room, so why now.

This is something you want to achieve if you, for example have an extra molar that needs to be removed. Once it’s out, the remaining teeth with have enough room to shift and create a perfect smile.

But when you DON’T have an extra molar, shifting teeth is something you need to avoid. When they shift, teeth will often be crooked, leaning inwards or to the side.

So having a dental bridge installed (no matter if it’s fixed or removable) prevents teeth from shifting.


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