Do You Think You Have An Abscessed Tooth In Gilbert?

Is an abscessed tooth in Gilbert painful?

An Abscessed tooth in Gilbert can be very uncomfortable when it’s around the infected tooth. Don’t worry our team of professional experts here at Premier Family Dental are ready to start treatment for you on an abscessed tooth here in Gilbert. You will need treatment immediately if you have an abscessed tooth to prevent you from losing your tooth.

What is an Abscessed Tooth In Gilbert?

An Abscessed can be found along the gum-line and looks like a small pocket that is filled with pus that forms from the infected area. You have your tooth on top of the gum-line then inside are all the nerves, tissues, and blood vessels. All nerves and tissue can likely get infected, leading Premier patients to have an abscessed tooth in Gilbert. If you don’t get treatment for the infection as soon as possible then it can lead to the growth of an abscessed tooth in Gilbert. 

What causes Abscessed Teeth for Premier patients in Gilbert?

Having an abscessed tooth can be something no patient should ever have to experience. Most of the time an abscessed tooth in Gilbert can happen if you aren’t blushing and flossing properly daily. Working on your oral hygiene is a top priority when ensuring your oral health isn’t having signs of gum disease. A second thing that can cause an abscessed tooth for patients in Gilbert is when your tooth is decaying and also has a deep cavity. To prevent further decay, we highly recommend you get a dental filling so an abscessed tooth doesn’t form.

Symptoms of an Abscessed Tooth in Gilbert

When start noticing something in the mouth around the gum-line, there are a few symptoms of an abscessed tooth in Gilbert to look out for. You could feel pain around the tooth area. If you have an abscessed tooth in Gilbert, be sure to just eat soft foods while recovering. You may start to see swelling, gum redness, bad taste, and fever. Also if you have trouble swallowing, there could be a more major issue. Be aware if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. 


What Ways Can You Treat An Abscessed Tooth in Gilbert

There is a natural way to get an abscessed tooth in Gilbert at home. You could use saltwater to rinse your mouth. The warm liquid will wash out the bacteria in the mouth. If the saltwater isn’t helping, we do highly recommend seeing a dentist in Gilbert. If you do not receive treatment for an abscessed tooth in Gilbert as soon as possible, overtime the infection can get worse. 

Another way you can treat an abscessed tooth in Gilbert is to get a root canal at Premier Family Dental. This is usually the best alternative to save your tooth from an abscessed tooth infection. The dentists at Premier Family Dental will drill into your tooth and deep clean from the inside and out and fill the empty spaces as a normal tooth would look like.

If the abscessed infection in Gilbert gets worse, in some cases Premier Family Dental will have to perform surgery to completely drain all the built-up fluid out.

You should see a dentist as soon as possible to receive treatment. Premier Family Dental team is ready to help with an abscessed tooth in Gilbert. We have a full team of professionals that have worked with many patients across Gilbert. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give Premier Family Dental a call to see how we can help you. We suggest you call 911 for a medical emergency if it’s emergency. 


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