Good nutrition, good oral health

Good nutrition, good oral health

They say that having a good and healthy diet is one half of good health. After all, we are what we eat. Or that’s how the saying does. And even though that might not be true, we need to be real about the fact that everything that we eat passes through our oral cavity.

This is why we need good oral health in order to support our good and healthy eating.

When your teeth are cleaner, you have less bacteria in your mouth. The food that we eat, with the help of our saliva, is turned into bolus before entering our stomach. When our mouth and teeth are healthy then the food that enters our body will be healthy too. There are some types of food that play a crucial role in the strength of our enamel because they provide the necessary vitamins and minerals. And with stronger enamel, we will have stronger teeth and be able to chew better and digest our food better. So what type of food are best for good oral health?

Apple – A pioneer in oral health

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. We’ve all heard that one, haven’t we? Now this doesn’t apply for doctors only, but for dentists too. Apple is considered as a natural toothbrush. Because apples are crisp, they clean the plaque of your teeth very well, reduce the amount of bacteria that causes cavities and increase the production of saliva which also washes away excess bacteria and keeps your mouth healthy. This applies also to other types of crisp vegetables and fruits.

Vitamin C

Even though vitamin C isn’t actually a food, but it can be found in many fruits and vegetables such as oranges, lemons, mint, coriander, tomatoes etc. The basics of good oral health and strong teeth is actually found in our gums. In order for our gums to remain healthy we need to have sufficient intake of Vitamin C. This vitamin is actually very important for our immune system and good periodontal health.


Have you even wondered if there are natural ways to make your teeth whiter? Well there are. Strawberries contain malic acid which is a whitening enzyme and it can work miracles for the whiteness of your smile. In order to get the best effect, you can either take a few strawberries make puree out of them and rub it on your teeth like a paste or you can rub the strawberries directly onto your teeth.


You may not know this, but bananas are full of healthy and important minerals that are not just beneficial for our teeth but for our overall health. These include potassium, magnesium and manganese. Just like strawberries, bananas are also beneficial for teeth whitening. Just simply rub the inside of a banana peel on your teeth for two minutes every day. In two weeks, you will notice a difference. And according to some dentists, this is also good if you have too sensitive teeth.


According to some studies, fresh cranberries are good to prevent oral bacteria from bonding. This way you can minimize the formation of plaque on your teeth which improves oral health.

Green and black tea

It is well established that green and black tea contain polyphenols that interact with the plaque-causing bacteria and inhibit them. Which is of course good for your oral health. However, you have to keep in mind that these drinks (just like coffee or red wine) can stain your teeth and make them a bit more yellow.

Fish and meat

Fish and various types of meat are probably the only constant in everyone’s diet.  Minerals and vitamins contained in these foods are crucial for strong teeth and good oral health.

There are just some of the types of food that you should be included in your diet in order to have and maintain good oral health. Of course, good oral health cannot be maintained without proper hygiene, tooth cleaning and regular checkups with your dentist. So schedule a follow up and make sure that your teeth are in good health.


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