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Tooth Stains and Yellow Teeth

Tooth stains or yellowish teeth is something that happens to everyone. It can be due to genetics, damage to your teeth, or because of the food and drinks we consume. Yellowing of the teeth is mostly caused by aging, even if your dental hygiene is perfect.

Some of the discoloration if your teeth can be eliminated with teeth whitening. But you have to keep in mind that some teeth whitening procedures can cause damage to your teeth or your mouth.

Today, we pay close attention to the food that we eat, drinks we consume and what type of supplements we take. So it’s crucial that we also consider some all-natural teeth whitening methods.

There are natural teeth whitening methods that are more effective than the conventional ones. Which are full of chemicals and can damage your gums. But we need to emphasize that not all natural teeth whitening methods are 100% safe. Some of them can cause damage to your teeth and harm your tooth enamel.

Cause of tooth stains and yellow teeth

Your teeth are made from two parts. The first (the non-living) outer part of your teeth is called the enamel. The inner (living) part of your tooth is called the dentin. There are a few things that can affect either your enamel or dentin and cause staining or yellow teeth.

As it ages, dentin gets yellow naturally. There aren’t any ways that will whiten the inner part of your teeth, so your teeth appear to be more yellow. The outer layer of your teeth, the enamel is actually transparent and it reflects the color of your dentin.

Do you use to grind your teeth? Well, grinding your teeth might age them prematurely, causing them to turn yellow and other problems too. When you grind your teeth, the force applied to your teeth causes your enamel to wear off, your dentin is shrinking and shows as yellow teeth.

If you don’t grind your teeth but you experience dental trauma, your teeth can also be damaged and age faster.

A properly balanced diet is important not just for your overall health but for your dental health too. Inadequate diet can also lead to premature tooth aging, because your teeth lack the necessary vitamins and mineral.

Dentin, the inner part of your teeth, turns yellow as you age. The enamel, the outer part of your teeth, usually gets stained from the food and drinks that you consume. Drinks like wine, coffee, tea, tobacco are the greatest causes of tooth staining. In order to reverse some of the effects of these stains, you can use teeth whitening products or schedule a thorough cleaning at Premiere Family Dental.

Conventional Tooth Stain Removal Methods

People often want to try conventional teeth whitening methods once they see that their teeth are turning yellow or that their coffee or favorite red wine leaves stains on their teeth. However, conventional teeth whitening procedures, like laser or halogen whitening and whitening strips can have negative impact on your teeth.

Teeth whitening kits that you can buy over the counter can’t really reach every part of your teeth so you might end up with an uneven whitening. And not to mention that it’s rather difficult to keep teeth whitening solutions from touching your gums. Things are further complicated by the fact that the FDA doesn’t regulate teeth whitening solutions so you don’t really know which one is safe to use.

In the second part of this article, we will focus on natural teeth whitening solutions and which one should you trust the most.


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