How Can Parents Keep Their Child’s Teeth Safe During School?

One of the hardest parts of being a parent is letting go of your kids for them to attend school. That first day of kindergarten is always the hardest. Once you let them go, you still want to protect them as best you can while they’re away. This can be a challenge. However, it’s not impossible. There are steps to follow to protect your child while they’re at school, including keeping an eye out on their oral health.

Contact the Teacher

Teachers usually keep a pretty close relationship with the parents of their students. However, each teacher is different and may not be as active as others. Whatever type of teacher your child has, check-in with them. Email them, leave them a message, etc. There’s nothing wrong with making sure the teacher knows some guidelines you would like to set for your child. A teacher is always going to do the best they can. This is why some other communication helps so they’re aware and can help. For example, Halloween is nearing, and many of us are usually clueless on how much candy our child has had while away at school. This can be challenging for us to make decisions on how much they can have once they get home. A quick email to the teacher will help ensure your child isn’t eating their weight in candy while away from you during the day. This provides safer oral hygiene.

Talk with Your Child

Children don’t always understand the importance of their oral health. Sometimes, sitting down with them and discussing it will help it become more important to them. This way, you can rely on your child to make good choices and be safe so that their oral health is also in good shape. We don’t always give children enough credit. Be sure they understand that this is an important responsibility. Books and TV shows help for this concept as well.


If your child is in sports, a mouthguard is well worth the effort and money. Even if a child isn’t playing a high contact sport like football, there is still a high risk of them obtaining damage to their teeth. For example, if your child is into baseball, there is a high chance they will be hit in the face as a ball is being thrown their direction during batting. However, with a mouthguard, your child can get hit, but end up with no damage to their teeth.

Overall, be sure you know the atmosphere of the school your children attend. This, overall, will help you identify the steps you should take to ensure your child’s teeth stay healthy even when you’re not around. When in doubt, speak to the principal about better safety practices if you have any concerns.



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