How can teeth whitening change lives?

how can teeth whitening change lives

People can often feel self-conscious about their teeth and it’s not really a mystery why is that. In order to feel comfortable around others, you need to have a dazzling white smile and not many have that. So you often put your hand over your mouth when you laugh, during job interviews or when you’re having a casual conversation with others. However, a gorgeous smile isn’t a hard thing to achieve, especially with modern-day dental techniques like teeth whitening.

Thanks to incredible advancement in dentistry, a perfect smile is no longer unobtainable. There are various ways you can get a perfect smile such as dental veneers, braces, orthodontic treatments etc. But probably the simplest and easiest way is teeth whitening.

When it comes to whitening, it can literally change your life so you don’t have to be shy in front of the camera or cover your mouth when to talk to someone.

You can have your teeth whitened in several ways. First, there are over-the-counter home whitening kits. Then there are different whitening toothpaste and whitening solutions (you need a prescription for some of them). And finally, there are professionally done teeth whitening.

Home or professional teeth whitening – Which is better?

People that want a quick, more affordable teeth whitening, will usually go for the home whitening kit that are widely available today. You can purchase them at the nearest drugstore or even order them online.

However, we must warn you that some of these home kits contain really strong, and sometimes ineffective chemicals that can actually cause more harm than good. Some of these components can be highly abrasive which can damage your tooth enamel, especially if you use them often. And with weaker and thinner tooth enamel, your teeth can become more sensitive and prone to cavities.

If home whitening kits are not always a solution, the next option would be to turn to a professional. Professionals, aside from using safer whitening solutions, also use LED light which provides faster and better results

Benefits of teeth whitening

Teeth whitening can change your life in more ways than one. Here are just a few examples:

Better morale

This is probably the first and most apparent benefit of teeth whitening. Having bright and white teeth actually boost confidence, as opposed to yellowish and discolored teeth. This makes situations like a job interview, conversation with others etc. much more pleasant and easier.

Mental health boost through teeth whitening

When we have yellowish or discolored teeth, we think about it (and stress about it) quite a lot. This is why some people avoid situations where we interact with others. Some studies even found that with a whiter and cleaner smile, we generate more positive emotions which have a significant benefit on our mental health.

Improvement in overall dental health

Home teeth whitening kits may (or may not) be effective, but they cannot match the efficiency of a professional teeth whitening. Aside from getting a better and brighter/whiter smile, the professionals will also do a dental exam which can be beneficial for your overall dental health. If there are indicators of a dental problems and they are found early, they can be remedied faster and sooner.

Faster teeth whitening

Aside form the home whitening kit not being as effective as a professional service, they also take a lot more time than going to a professional. Furthermore, home kits require that you repeat the whitening session from time to time which isn’t the case with in—office whitening. Professional whitening provides better and quicker results, which are visible even after the first appointment.


When you opt in for professional whitening, you don’t just get whiter teeth. You will also be provided with instructions and tips on how to maintain the results longer, what products can you use to keep your teeth whiter for a longer time.

A personalized and safe treatment

We already mentioned that home whitening kits might contain strong chemicals that can damage your teeth with excessive use. But with professional in-office whitening, the process is completely customized for every patient and there’s no guess work. Furthermore, the staff is qualified and experienced in teeth whitening and they also use safe products.

The benefits of in-office teeth whitening are much greater than the risks (virtually none). Professionals can provide a safe, quick and efficient results under the fraction of a time that the home whitening kits need. So if you’re not happy with your smile (not white enough) or you have severe discoloration, contact us today and schedule an whitening appointment.


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