How does your nutrition affect your oral health

How does your nutrition affect your oral health

Oral health is an important part of your overall health. The things you eat affect your entire body, and your teeth as well. Irregular and poorly-balanced diet might make your more prone to diseases and dental problems.

Good changes in your everyday diet and oral hygiene will most definitely improve your oral health and general well-being. In order to ensure good oral health and to have a more nutritious diet, here are some simple steps that will guarantee healthier teeth and gums

Protect your oral health with fruits and vegetables

There’s a good reason when parents around the world tell their kids to eat their fruits and vegetables. In order to keep our body healthy, we need a regular intake of fresh nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Aside from these, fruits and vegetables are also rich in water which contributes to keeping ourselves well-hydrated.

Whenever you can, try and chew on fresh and crunchy fruits and vegetable. Not only you will intake fresh vitamins and minerals, but you will also stimulate production of saliva which will wash away any acids or food particles stuck between your teeth.

Of course, not all fruits and vegetables are equally rich in nutrients. However, if you mix them up and eat a colorful variety, then you have nothing to worry about. Your body will get what it needs.

For example, if you eat dark leafy greens like kale or spinach, you are increasing your intake of Vitamin C which is crucial for a strong immune system. Calcium, which is also present in these vegetables, is good for bones and will strengthen your tooth enamel.

Cut back on sugar intake

One of the main causes of oral health problems is, you guessed it…sugar. We’ve mentioned before that bacteria on your mouth feed on sugar and as a result they produce acid which damages your tooth enamel and can cause painful cavities.

So it’s quite important to cut back on your sugar intake, when possible. Before purchasing a product at the supermarket, make sure you read the label and see how much sugar it contains. And also pay attention to different types of added sugars, like syrup, honey or molasses.

For those of you that like to have a snack, we recommend that you go for wholesome, sugar-free snack. So chewing on sticky sweets like gummy bears is not really a good option.

But if you have a sweet tooth for sweets, try and eat them with your regular meal. This way, the increased production of saliva will wash away the excess sugar.

Drinking water for good oral health

Sugar intake doesn’t consist only from what you eat, but also from what you drink. If you want to lower your sugar intake and improve your oral health, make sure that you change your drinking habits. For example, you could replace drinks that are sweetened with sugar (coffee, tea, juices, sodas) with natural sugar substitutes or juices with no sugar. But if you really want to cut out sugar, then water is your best choice, especially if it has fluoride.

Protein and dairy products

Consuming enough lean protein which are also rich in phosphorus is one additional way to good oral health and stronger teeth. You can get this type of protein from meat, poultry, fish, milk and eggs. Furthermore, dairy products, like cheese, yogurt and cottage cheese are also rich in calcium, and we said that that’s important for stronger tooth enamel and bones.

In addition, dairy products and the proteins they have, also neutralizes the acid produced by bacteria. Just make sure that there is no added sugar in your dairy products.

Aside from meat and dairy, you will find plenty of protein, fiber and minerals in nuts beans and seeds.

Hopefully these tips will be helpful. You can think about your mouth and a gateway and that everything you put in, will eventually have an impact on your entire body, including your oral health.

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