How long does teeth whitening last?

How long does teeth whitening last

We are all fans of bright, snow-white teeth, similar to those that Hollywood actors have. This can be achieved through many different ways such as dental veneers and teeth whitening. From all the different methods, teeth whitening is the simplest, easiest and straightforward approach, although it requires repetition and the results are not permanent. Today we will be discussing how long does teeth whitening last.

Now, the first thing we need to mention is that none of the teeth whitening approaches offers permanent results. Home teeth whitening kits can provide good to great results that can last for a few months. On the other hand, professionally done teeth whitening, can last between 2 to 3 years with proper care.

How long will your teeth remain white?

As mentioned above, the duration of the whitening effect is greatly determined on what approach you use. Of course, your lifestyle choices and habits (drinking coffee, wine, tea, smoking, chewing tobacco etc.) will also play a key role.

Furthermore, we must also consider whether we are trying to get rid of intrinsic stains or extrinsic stains. The first ones are deeper stains that can be caused by medication, trauma or aging. They are not impossible to remove, but they will require the right approach and a bit more time. Extrinsic stains, on the other hand, are superficial caused mostly because of the things you drink or eat and they are easy to remove. In fact, the most stains that dentists come across are these superficial stains.

How long does teeth whitening last with whitening paste?

Using a whitening paste is probably the first choice people go with. Picking the right one can provide good (if not great) results but only if you use it on a regular basis from 2-6 weeks. The results should be visible for 3-4 months.

Whitening mouthwash

Aside from toothpaste, you can also get whitening mouthwash to get yourself a brighter and whiter smile. Just like with toothpaste, it can also contain hydrogen peroxide and should be used on a daily basis to remove surface stains.

Dentist will recommend using a mouthwash if you want to prolong the effects of other tooth whitening methods. Using it on its own won’t provide very dramatic or long-lasting results.

Teeth whitening strips

Teeth whitening strips can provide different kind of results depending on what strips you use and how long you use them. Some can provide really good results that last for up to six months which is pretty impressive. They are one of the most effective over-the-counter treatments. They use a combination of peroxide, bleach and special LED lighting to remove superficial stains. However, please keep in mind that using the too often or incorrectly can actually harm your teeth.

How long does teeth whitening last with whitening pens?

This is probably the east effective way to whitening your teeth. Whitening pens are used from 2 days to up to a week but their results generally don’t last for very long. These tiny plastic tubes that contain whitening gel are used mainly to remove superficial stains and spots. While you keep the gel on your teeth for about an hour, you can’t eat or drink anything. Once the gel is rinsed (which is really easy to do) you can resume your day-to-day activities.

Professional teeth whitening

The most effective and thorough teeth whitening is done at the dentist or oral hygienist. With proper oral hygiene, this procedure should yield long lasting results between 1 or 3 years. You don’t need to make frequent visit in order to obtain the desired result. One visit is usually what it takes.

For this, your dentist is using strong bleaching agents such as highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Your dentist might also use light or heat in order to accelerate the process.

As you can see, there are various methods in teeth whitening, more for at-home use and then all provide different results. However, if you’re looking for long-term results and that whitening be done professionally and thoroughly, scheduling an appointment with your dentist will be necessary.


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