How Premier Family Dental Patients In Gilbert Should Brush And Floss With Braces

To ensure a beautiful smile for our Premier Family Dental braces patients in Gilbert, you should take excellent care of your teeth and gums while having braces. The more food particles left on the surface by plaque or bacteria in our mouths when we don’t brush properly can lead to gum disease which could cause swelling around their bases as well acid production from these substances causing cavities/cankers that may result in tooth decay – one thing there’s no room for is decalcification (permanent white spots)!

After every meal for our Premier Family Dental braces patients in Gilbert, Arizona, it’s important to brush and floss your teeth so you can maintain a healthy mouth throughout the course of orthodontic treatment. We recommend Premier Family Dental patients in Gilbert to use soft toothbrushes with unwaxed dental fibers for best results as well as topical treatments like fluoride varnish or sealants which will help prevent cavities from forming in hard-to-reach places typical dentist tools don’t reach! To find out what products are right for YOU we encourage patients to ask us first before making any purchases online because there might be different options available depending on whether one has braces too.

Premier Family Dental Patients in Gilbert Brushing With Braces 

At Premier Family Dental, our braces patients should be brushing their teeth twice a day at home in Gilbert, Arizona. Whether using an electric or manual toothbrush there are various ways to brush your teeth when having braces. If you are using elastic bands with your braces, be sure to remove them before brushing. Be gentle when brushing around your braces from top to bottom. Usually, teeth get the best clean when brushed from tooth to tooth. Then, rinse and take a look at your teeth and make sure there aren’t remaining food particles and no stains left behind. 

Flossing for Premier Patients in Gilbert With Braces

Most of our Premier patients in Gilbert, Arizona can get rid of most food particles in between their teeth when you floss daily. Waxed floss is always best to use so it doesn’t get stuck in between the wires of your braces make sure to carefully floss through your braces and go by each small section without snapping the floss. You purchase floss from any local grocery store near you. If you have any questions regarding which floss to use while having braces, please don’t hesitate to contact our office at Premier Family Dental in Gilbert, Arizona!

How often should Premier Family Dental Patients See Their Orthodontist In Gilbert 

When a Premier Family Dental patient in Gilbert, Arizona decides to get braces typically they would go see an orthodontist to get braces. You should visit your orthodontist every four to eight weeks to get your braces checked to make sure they aren’t anything loose and tighten to keep up with the treatment. If you need help finding the best orthodontist in Gilbert, AZ, you can give our team at Premier Family Dental in Gilbert a call and we can refer you to a few of the best we know! 

Regular checkups for Premier Family Dental patients in Gilbert, Arizona should always be made, especially seeing your orthodontists in Gilbert, Arizona when having braces. Regular checkups can even include a regular professional cleaning by Premier Family Dental in Gilbert, Arizona! If you need to schedule an appointment or have any questions, give our office at Premier Family Dental a call today! 


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