How to Best Prepare for Wisdom Tooth Removal

How to Best Prepare for Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom tooth surgery can be daunting but fear not, it is a very routine procedure that most of the population has to go through at one time or another. You can make your transition after surgery easier on yourself by being prepared with a few basic essentials. If you’ll be having your wisdom teeth removed soon, here is what you should take care of in advance.

 1. Stock Up on Soft Food

In the week after your wisdom teeth removal, you will not to be able to eat as normal. You should avoid any chewing at first which means you need to plan to have soft, easy-to-eat foods available. Ice cream, pudding, mashed potatoes, and soup are all excellent choices after your wisdom tooth surgery. If you will be caring for yourself after your surgery, be sure you are buying food that is convenient to make since you might feel tired for a day or two.

2. Have Prescription Ready

Ask your oral surgeon if you can receive your prescription immediately so that you can fill it before your surgery. After your surgery, you are going to want to return to your house and relax. Make sure that you don’t have to head to the pharmacy by getting your prescription filled prior to your appointment. It would be smart to also stock up on over-the-counter pain relievers prior to your surgery.

3. Have Ice Packs Ready 

You’ll want to ice your face the day after your surgery to reduce inflammation. Your cheeks are going to puff up a bit and you may even notice some bruising. Icing for twenty minutes every hour will significantly reduce pain and swelling. It can be frustrating to hold ice packs to your cheeks so consider purchasing a head wrap that you can place ice packs into. These head wraps aren’t too expensive and often come with double ice packs so you can change them out periodically.

4. Tea to Calm Nausea 

It’s possible you’re going to experience a little nausea after your wisdom tooth surgery due to your medication. Curb your nausea with ginger or peppermint tea. If you have something else you regularly consume when you’re feeling nauseated, have that ready as well. Prepare for the possibility that you’re not going to feel your best after surgery and have all your regular medications available.

5. Activities for Relaxation

You will need to take it easy for a few days after your wisdom teeth surgery. Plan a few activities that will keep you occupied as you take a couple lazy days to yourself. Buy your favorite movies, get a new video game, or grab a few books to read. You might be uncomfortable for a few days after surgery but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to enjoy your time off as much as possible.

The last thing you’ll want to do after wisdom tooth surgery is worry about the essentials. Plan before your surgery so that you can spend the days afterward relaxing as much as possible.


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