How To Floss With Braces

Flossing with braces can sometimes be extremely difficult to learn for a few our patients in Gilbert. Especially if you don’t normally floss. Here at Premier Dental Family in Gilbert, we know the importance of flossing. It is a very major step in protecting against bacteria and fighting off cavities. We also know some people with braces struggle or lack the information to properly floss. That is where we come in to help. We educate our patients on everything they need to know about flossing so their dental hygiene can stay top-notch.

At Premier Family Dental we feel for you. We understand that remembering to floss and flossing with braces can sometimes be an uphill battle. That is why we take extra precautions to make sure you have a schedule in place and the proper technique. That way you can get the maximum benefit out of your braces and not have to worry about unnecessary cavities.

There are many ways to go about flossing with braces at Premier Family Dental in Gilbert, and they can tell you all about it. At our office, there are dental hygienists ready to answer your questions and concerns about each method. You are our top priority we want to ensure we care about you and we especially care about your dental hygiene. We can also advise you on which one you should pick if you are doing everything from home. We can tell you if you should go out of your way to purchase the things you need for the other methods of flossing your teeth.

The Proper Technique For Our Premier Patients 

When you floss try to use wax floss if it is available. It can make flossing much easier and more effective. Not only that you can pick the flavor so it can test more pleasant and make it a more enjoyable experience for you. It is sturdier and if your teeth have sharp angles or tight spaces, then wax floss will be more convenient because it won’t break as easily or as frequently.

You want to make sure when flossing that you thread the floss between your braces. Grab the floss from one end and carefully and precisely wrap it over and under the wire. You want to make sure while doing this you don’t get the floss stock on the wire. You want to have enough floss that you can grab the other end. Using a mirror can be a big help when doing this.

You want to slide the floss between your teeth and make sure you get between your gums as well. It is very important to help aid the prevention of cavities. You want to get the nook and crannies of your teeth. I mean get in there to ensure you don’t miss anything. Then you want to go through and floss in an up-and-down motion. You want to make sure you also get all of your teeth. That way you can ensure all your teeth are in good condition.

How To Use A Water Pick With Braces 

At Premier Family Dental in Gilbert, we also understand that some people have water picks they use at home. To properly use a water pick with braces. You want to fill up the container with water and add some mouthwash to maximize the protection against bacteria. 

We also recommend using them alongside flossing for our patients in Gilbert. This will greatly improve your dental hygiene and ensure your teeth are taken care of, and that should be one of your top priorities. So when your braces do come off they look nice and clean with no cavities or any other difficulties.

If you are unfamiliar with a water pick. This tool shoots a stream of water into your teeth and it knocks out loose food and other forms of bacteria from your teeth when matched up with mouthwash. One of the major reasons people water floss is gum restoration. 

If you have any other questions about flossing with braces don’t be afraid to ask us. Here at Premier Family Dental in Gilbert, we truly care about your hygiene in and out of the dentist. If you have other inquiries not related to flossing, feel free to ask us those as well. We are here to help and ensure your hygiene stays amazing.

How To Floss With Braces
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How To Floss With Braces
Flossing with braces can sometimes be extremely difficult to learn for a few our patients in Gilbert. Especially if you don’t normally floss.
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Premier Family Dental
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