Natural Toothache Remedies You Can Try

There are a lot of circumstances where a toothache requires a trip to the dentist. While we are here to take care of your dental needs whenever you need them, there are also a few natural toothache remedies you can try at home before you pay us a visit.

What Causes A Toothache

Toothaches can be caused by a number of things. The toothache might stem from the beginning of a cavity, which is one of the more common reasons. You may also have jaw pain or gum issues, which are causing pain in the tooth or area around the tooth. Jaw issues may be caused by teeth grinding or repeated clenching of the jaw and teeth.

You can also be suffering from a deeper rooted issue. We can help you address the root of your pain at our offices.

Natural Remedies You Can Try

The first thing you can try is to do a salt water rinse in your mouth. This helps aid in the reduction of bacteria because salt water is a natural disinfectant. Swish/gargle the saltwater mixture in your mouth for about 30 seconds a few times a day to help reduce inflammation and pain.

Clove oil is an option that will help in the reduction of pain. This natural allow acts as an analgesic because of some of what the oil contains. Make sure that you try a test area on your own skin first, to make sure you do not have any adverse reactions.

Peppermint is another natural option that can be used as a type of antiseptic. The menthol in peppermint and peppermint tea is what gives it these properties. This is a great option because of its numbing type effect on the area, as well as its calming flavor and anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking this as a tea also carries that benefits of added fluoride from tea itself, which can have antibacterial components.

If there is swelling in your mouth or face caused by the toothache, a cold pack on that area can help reduce the pain as well as the swelling. You can use an ice pack, a homemade compress by freezing a damp washcloth, or a bag filled with ice.

Aloe vera is a natural remedy that has a lot of benefits, but may not taste as good as doing something like drinking peppermint tea. When taking the aloe vera straight from the plant source itself, you can rub the gel right on the gum of the tooth that hurts and it will help ease the pain as well as fight cavities and help clean the area.

Toothaches can be excruciating and may get in the way of your everyday activities. We don’t want that to happen! Hopefully these natural remedies you can try for tooth pain will help ease the ache before you come see us. If you have questions or concerns about your toothache, or none of these are helping to get rid of the issue, schedule an appointment at our dental office to get to the root of the problem.


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