Need a toothache remedy? Here are 4 great home alternatives!

home toothache remedy

Toothache is probably the most severe pain any patient experienced. When you’re in a situation that you’re struggling with toothache and you can’t visit a dentist or find any medication to reduce the pain, there is a simple (yet effective) toothache remedy that can help.

These of course don’t mean that you don’t have to go and see your dentist. You should do that as soon as you’re able to. Your dentist will locate the source of the problem and fix it.

We also have to worn you that these aren’t permanent solutions to your toothache problem. They only serve as a temporary relief until you get a chance to schedule a dental appointment with your dentist.

The first home toothache remedy is ginger

Ginger has been used as a toothache remedy for long period of time, ever since Ancient India. It’s very effective and can be used in two ways.

The first way you can use Ginger as toothache remedy is by chewing it. Clean and peel the ginger properly and cut it into smaller pieces. Then, put one piece on top of the tooth and slowly start chewing. The Ginger juices act as a pain relief and should reduce the pain. You can also repeat this process with another piece of Ginger.

The second way is to make Ginger tea. Take a few small and clean Ginger pieces and put it in hot water. Bring it to boil and strain the ginger pieces. Once the liquid cools down, use it to gargle in your mouth, making sure that it touches the tooth which in paining. You can also let the liquid rest on the tooth.

Clove oil or clove

Just like Ginger, Clove and Clove Oil has also been used around the globe, as a successful toothache remedy. As with Ginger, Clove/Clove Oil can also be used in two ways.

Put one clove piece on the affect tooth (or the tooth next to it) and bit down. It will release juices which will minimize the pain once they come in contact with the affected tooth.

If you don’t have clove at home, you can always buy Clove Oil in the store. The principle is the same. Instead of chewing, you will take a small piece of cotton and dip it in oil. Once the cotton is soaked, put it on the affected tooth and keep it there. This should soothe the pain temporarily, until you get a chance to visit your dentist.

Salt water

Sal and salt water are known for their antibacterial properties. Since salt, in its solid form, can’t reach every corner of the affected tooth, we recommend that you use salt water instead.

Take a sip of salt water, gargle and rinse your mouth thoroughly. The water will reach every part of the affected tooth, and thanks to its antibacterial properties, it should provide some relief.

Please keep in mind that if you suffer from high blood pressure, we don’t recommend using this toothache remedy since ingestion of salt can cause increase in blood pressure.

Cold compression is a great toothache remedy

Remember when you dentist told you to put ice packets on the place where he extracted a tooth? Well, Ice packs or ice packets can also be a good toothache remedy since they reduce swelling. If you don’t have ice packs/packets at home, you can also use cold water. The cold constricts the blood vessels and that should minimize the pain. This approach is especially useful if you have a tooth infection (abscess) and swelling.

Make sure that you don’t put the ice packet/packs directly on the tooth. Instead, wrap them in a towel and put it outside of the are that is hurting.

We hope that these toothache remedies will be useful the next time you have a toothache. This of course doesn’t substitute the need to go to the dentist, but it’s an effective alternative until you can schedule a dental appointment.


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