Oral Cancer – Symptoms and Causes

The dentists at Premier Family Dental are committed to ensuring that every patient in Gilbert, Arizona has the necessary tools for a healthy life. This includes oral healthcare and cancer awareness if you ever need it – no matter what stage of diagnosis or treatment we’re working with your health care team on.

The mouth is a place where cancer can develop in some Premier Family Dental patients in Gilbert, Arizona. It may grow anywhere from the lips, gums, or tongue to cheeks and roof of your mouth as well as flooring it all out in some cases too! If you notice any unusual changes in checking yourself then talk with an expert right away because there could be something serious going unnoticed up until this point. The same goes for detected oral cancers- make sure that when exploring potential treatments through primary care physicians they also look at other areas outside simply removing what seems like “the problem.”

Symptoms of Oral Cancer in Premier Family Dental Patients in Gilbert 

We want you to have the best possible experience with us at Premier Family Dental in Gilbert, Arizona, so our doctors always encourage their patients to get checked out once per month. A regular check-up will make sure that your general health is good and if anything seems off or unusual then we can take care right away!

There are many signs that can point to oral cancer for some Premier Family Dental patients in Gilbert, Arizona. Sores along the lips may look like zits or cold sores but if they don’t heal then it is usually because these have developed into cancerous tissue–the white patch on the inside of the mouth could also indicate an issue with teeth, lumps in this area often mean something’s wrong down below (i..e., tongue), while pain during eating might be caused by obstructions such as growths causing narrowing off parts which would make them difficult for you swallow properly.

What Can Cause Oral Cancer To Form 

The human mouth is a curious place. There are mutations of abnormal cells, they continue to grow and form lumps inside your teeth which can be the cancerous or not-the worst-case scenario for those who have them! Most often than not though there doesn’t seem like an easy answer as to what causes these changes in our squamous cell epidermis (the outer layer) from being able to increase faster than other types such as basal cell carcinoma; however this does happen sometimes due its proximity with other tissues that may provide more fuel sources without having too far away travel distance necessary before reaching their destination.

Ways  For Premier Family Dental Patients To Prevent Oral Cancer

To prevent oral cancer, you should quit smoking and even chewing tobacco. If an individual is a smoker or uses other harmful substances often they may want to consider quitting because these habits can form dangerous cells that could lead to cancerous tumors!

There is a link between excessive alcohol consumption and cancerous cells forming in the mouth. We recommend you drink only minimally to avoid this risk, so monitor how much your body can handle before deciding on an appropriate amount for each day. 

Our patients across Arizona should avoid the heat and sun exposure to their lips. This can increase your chances of getting skin cancer, as well! Make sure you apply SPF daily on top of any other protection such as hats or sunglasses that are needed depending on where in town one lives during certain seasons – specifically, summertime when temperatures are most intense. 

The best way to maintain your oral health is by staying on top of any symptoms that could indicate mouth cancer. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Call our office at Premier Family Dental in Gilbert, Arizona for routine checkups today and get peace of mind knowing you’re getting checked regularly by one trusted provider who knows what they are doing. A healthy smile starts with a visit from someone who cares–give us a call if there’s anything about teeth or gums-related issues bothering you. 


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