Popular myths about root canal

Popular myths about root canal

When most people hear the phrase “root canal” they think about something terrible that send shivers down their spine. However, this is a totally normal and quite frequent dental procedure. But there are some myths and misconceptions that tent to freak out patients.

Because of these myths, many patients delay their root canal procedure because they think that they myths are true. But they’re not!

You might have heard some of these. But is there any reality behind these myths and misconceptions about root canal procedures? Let’s find out.

Root Canal is a painful procedure

This is one of the main myths that keeps people away from this procedure. However, root canal is definitely NOT a painful procedure. Before the procedure, your dentist will administer a local anesthetic that will numb the area and you won’t feel a thing. In fact, not only you won’t feel any pain, but you won’t have any sensation in that area until the anesthetic wears off. Furthermore, after the procedure, your dentist will prescribe you some pain medication and antibiotics to avoid any future issues that you might have.

It’s expensive

Yet another misconception that’s not true. There is no unified price for this procedure, just like there’s no identical set of teeth. Each procedure will depend on the number of factors, from which the most important ones are the location of the tooth and the cost of the dental crown. The cost of a root canal procedure can also depend on your insurance.

A root canal is a risky procedure

This is also not true. Opting in to do a root canal is probably the best investment you’ll make to preserve your natural tooth. In fact, if you delay this procedure, you’re at higher risk for other health problems, not solely connected to your teeth.

It’s unnecessary

If you think that you don’t need to have a root canal simply because your tooth doesn’t hurt, you’re wrong. Actually, not feeling any pain has nothing to do with you needing a root canal procedure. If you need to have this procedure, then it doesn’t matter whether it hurts or not.

Your tooth roots will be removed

The primary goal of a root canal procedure is to restore the tooth root, not remove it. Through this procedure, your dentist will clean the infected pulp and seal it with a crown. That’s all!

It takes too long

Also not true. In fact, the majority of the root canal procedures can be done in a single day. Of course, sometimes a second visit might be necessary if the procedure is extensive, the tooth is in poor condition or if you recover slowly than usual.

It’s not meant for pregnant women

This dental procedure requires you to do an x-ray of your mouth and many people think that pregnant women can’t have this procedure, because they are not allowed to have an x-ray. Well, since the x-rays for this procedure won’t reach the woman’s abdomen, she can have the procedure. Furthermore, shielding is used during x-ray scans so both the mom and her baby will be fully protected.

Crowns cause problems

Yet another false misconception. Root canal issues can happen, regardless of your tooth covering.

Tooth extraction is a better option than a root canal

The goal of every dentist is to save your natural teeth for as long as possible. They are much stronger and durable than any other alternative you can get (even though the alternatives are really good these days). However, if your tooth is in such condition that a root canal won’t be a viable solution, then an extraction is the best option to go for.

You can get ill from the procedure

Totally not true! In fact, according to medical evidence, this procedure can actually save a patient from future heart and brain infections. Remember, a tooth in poor condition (if it’s infected) can have serious consequences on your overall health, especially if the infection gets into your bloodstream.

So there you have it. These are the 10 most common myths and misconceptions about root canals…debunked. If you’re supposed to get this procedure, we strongly recommend that you contact us and have it done as soon as possible. And if you have any questions or doubts, our dentists are happy to help!


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