Reasons to Choose Invisalign

Invisalign has quickly become a household name and for good reason. Not only are they an amazing option outside of traditional braces, but they offer flexibility. Flexibility in such a busy and hectic society is a necessity for many people, especially adults who find themselves needing braces later on in life. Of course, there are quite a few reasons why you should choose Invisalign and we will gladly show you why you would love them.

Metal Free

Invisalign is made out of a plastic-like material and not metal. Metal can be very uncomfortable in your mouth however, Invisalign is much more comfortable than traditional braces. Not to mention, metal can be unsightly in many ways and stick out like a sore thumb. Nobody wants a shiny mouth that can be seen from a mile away when the sun bounces off of it.


The great thing about Invisalign not being made of metal is that their material makes them clear in color. This means they’re barely noticeable, if noticeable at all. This means if you need braces as an adult or when you’re older, you don’t have to worry about your photos showing you with a mouth full of metal. Further, you won’t have to walk around the office feeling a little out of place because your braces make you stand out and look like you’re still in grade school.

No Food Issues

Invisalign are removable, which means they can be taken out of your mouth when it’s time to eat or brush. This means you don’t have to worry about food getting stuck in the front of your braces after a meal. This can be very embarrassing, not to mention, who has time to brush after every single thing they put in their mouth? Nobody does. You also don’t have to stop eating all your favorite foods and drinks because there’s no chance of harming your trays since they’re removable.

No Hard to Reach Spots

Invisalign are removable, as mentioned before. This means you don’t need any special tools to floss or brush. There are no hard to reach places that feel like a full-time job to keep clean. Invisalign slip right out of your mouth and can be brushed separately while your brushing routine doesn’t need to change at all to accommodate them.

They Fit Better

With traditional braces, it can feel like our mouth has been filled with so much that we can barely close our lips. With Invisalign, the trays are much thinner which means they can still do the work they need to get done without making it difficult to close your mouth fully. It also means they’re more comfortable on your lips and cheeks without all the poky wires.

Overall, Invisalign is a great choice when it comes to needing braces. It will hardly feel like you’re dealing with braces at all. That’s our goal, your comfort!


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