The Importance of Regular Dental Care

Many people scoff at dental professionals when they suggest coming in for a checkup every six months. It often will feel like there’s no need to come in that often in order to checkup on our teeth. However, a dentist or dental professionals of all kinds, go to school for quite a long period of time. They know more than the average person when it comes to teeth and our oral health in general. The importance of regular dental care may be lost on some however, a dental professional understands it fully and here’s what you need to know.


One of the biggest reasons you should visit the dentist every six months and focus on regular dental care is plaque buildup. Plaque is a pesky substance that gets built up on our teeth over time. Even with the best of care, plaque can buildup on our teeth and can only be removed by a dental professional. Therefore, if you wait to only go to the dentist when you’ve got a major issue, you could be doing yourself a disservice by leaving all that plaque to continuously grow on your teeth.

Overall Oral Health

Sometimes, what’s going on in our mouth can be lost on us. That’s because we don’t always know the signs and symptoms to look for. This means, there could be the slightest change and we could miss it simply because it’s not overly noticeable, if noticeable at all. Signs such as small white patches, slightly redder gums, worn fillings, etc. All of these can easily be missed by the average person and could also mean worse issues for a patient down the road. When visiting the dentist, they quickly can tell when we need to adjust our oral hygiene habits in order to counteract an issue starting to arise or let us know there’s something going on we didn’t know about.

Save Money and Time

When we visit the dentist every six months, they can often save us from having to spend a lot of money on future dental work by catching issues ahead of time. Not to mention, this saves us a lot of time since many dental procedures involve healing time and multiple visits. Wouldn’t it be nice to skip out on a lot of major issues that cost time and money simply by visiting the dentist and being proactive on the preventative front?

Visiting the dentist every six months is worth the time and effort, even if we don’t fully understand it. However, most dental professionals will be willing to explain to you the importance of regular dental care and why they suggest it. Many of them will tell you the same basic facts listed above and will be willing to expound if need be.


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Dr. Nguyen

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