The Importance of Teeth Cleaning

the importance of teeth cleaning

Many people are under the impression that you should only go to a dentist when you have a problem such as a tooth ache or tooth discoloration. But this is a most common misconception. You might think that it’s not necessary to get your teeth checked out regularly or to even have regular teeth cleaning. And because of this, many have problems in the future, just because they have avoided preventative dental exams and screening.

Dentist don’t just treat dental problems. They can also prevent dental problems and help you maintain good oral hygiene and good oral health. In every dentist’s office you will find a hygienist on staff who is there for teeth cleaning and to give you professional-level maintenance. So let’s discuss why is it so important to have regular teeth cleaning.

Teeth cleaning helps maintain good oral hygiene

When you schedule a teeth cleaning appointment with your dentist, you’re not only going to have your teeth cleaned. Dentist will often use this opportunity to perform a detailed examination of your teeth and your overall dental health because they will be looking at your teeth, tongue, upper neck area, gums etc. If they find anything concerning or alarming, they will give you their recommendation and feedback on how to proceed.

Good oral hygiene involves brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing and also scraping your tongue. Teeth cleaning appointment is a good opportunity to get additional information and recommendation from your dentist on which dental products to use, what are the best tooth brushes or toothpaste or mouthwash.

For example, if you have sensitive teeth, it’s not recommended that you use generic toothpaste. Instead, you should be used a special toothpaste that has the maximum efficiency in both cleaning and treating your tooth sensitivity.

Getting regular teeth cleaning (at least twice a year) will help keep your teeth in good shape, clean and avoid many of the dental problems which can occur due to poor hygiene such as gum disease or cavities.

Thorough cleaning

No matter how diligent you are with brushing and flossing, at home, you can never remove all the plaque and deposits that are on your teeth. Dentist around the world recommend that you should undergo teeth cleaning at least every six months. This will ensure that your teeth are clean and reduce the risk of gum disease and other dental problems.

Some patients are naturally at risk of certain dental problems like tooth decay, tooth loss or gum-related disease. If left untreated, they can lead to serious problems and treating them can be a tedious and costly process. However, with regular cleaning, the risk of these problems can be greatly reduced. It’s a really small price to pay in order to avoid bigger dental complications.

We cannot stress enough the importance of good oral hygiene and regular dental care. Make sure that you schedule a dental appointment (and cleaning appointment) every six months, even if you don’t feel any pain and your teeth look fine. During a regular dental check-up, your dentist will do a thorough examination of your teeth in order to make sure they are in good shape.


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