The importance of teeth cleaning

The importance of teeth cleaning

Many people believe that they should only go to a dentist if they are experiencing some dental problems like a toothache or teeth discoloration. They think that regular dental care and teeth cleaning aren’t necessary. But the truth is different and these misconceptions have caused people a lot of problems which could very easily been avoided.

Dentists do correct dental problems, they can help you with your toothache or discolored tooth, but they can do far more than just that. Every serious dental office, aside from a dentist will also have a dental hygienist who is in charge of teeth cleaning and can provide that on a much higher and professional lever than you could ever hope to accomplish back home with your tooth brush, tooth paste and dental floss. So why is cleaning so important?

Teeth Cleaning Ensures Good Oral Hygiene

Regular visits to your dentists or going in for teeth cleaning isn’t the final stop of why you should go. Aside from cleaning, these appointments serve another, equally important role, and that is prevention.

During the cleaning, your dentist will have the opportunity to look at your teeth, see if there are any “red flags” that need to be fixed or not. Furthermore, the dentist will not only look at your teeth, but also your tongue and upper neck area.

Good oral hygiene involves both you and your dentist. You will do your share by brushing your teeth a few times every day (at least twice) and your dentist and cleaning technician will make sure that parts of your teeth that you cannot reach, are also clean. Furthermore, during cleaning and generally during dental appointments, you can also ask your dentist for tips on which dental products to use and how to improve your oral hygiene if there’s room for improvement.

For example, some toothpaste is better than others if you have sensitive teeth. Some tooth brushes can actually be more effective than others and so on. Regular cleaning and dental appointments are also good opportunities for consultations and prevention.

Thorough Cleaning

According to the American Dental Association, you should do thorough cleaning at least twice a year in order to keep both your teeth and gums healthy. During the cleaning process, the hygienist is focusing on the build-up plaque on your teeth and beneath the gum line or other places that you can’t reach with a tooth brush or floss.

For cleaning, the hygienist will use such tools that are only available to professionals. These tools can reach where your brush, mouthwash and floss can’t. This is what ensures good and thorough teeth cleaning.

Preventing dental problems with teeth cleaning

We mentioned earlier that aside from cleaning, your dentist will also take a good look at your teeth and see if there are any potential problems. When a problem is detected in an early stage, it is much simpler to fix. A timely intervention significantly reduces your risk for tooth loss, tooth decay, gum disease and a series of other dental problems that can affect not only your oral health, but your general health as well.

Regular teeth cleaning is vital to avoid the majority of dental problems that could arise in the future. It’s a relative small price to pay every now and then, instead of having to deal with serious dental problems (maybe even through a few appointments) that could have easily been avoided.

So if you’re looking to have teeth cleaning or need to have a general dental exam, make sure to contact us a set up an appointment.


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