Tooth Plaque Causes

It feels like around every corner, the news is telling us there’s something else that’s no longer safe to eat, interact with, etc. It’s true that there’s a plethora of items, products, and activities out there that can harm us in the long term. Among these daily things we interact with are many that can cause our teeth harm in that, they cause us tooth plaque. Tooth plaque ultimately leads to many oral health issues such as cavities, gum disease, halitosis, tooth loss, and more. Here are a few causes of tooth plaque you might want to avoid.

Junk Foods and Drinks

Many of us are aware that junk foods such as soda and candy are bad for us in more ways than one. However, they’re one of the worst causes of tooth plaque. The sugary and acidic nature of these products not only strip away the enamel on our teeth which protects them but, it builds up bad bacteria which causes decay. This all leads to issues that can cause long term effects.

Lack of a Routine

We’ve all been there. We’re rushing around the house, we’re late and run out the door only to get in our car and realize we didn’t brush our teeth. There’s no time to go back now so you pop a mint or some gum in your mouth and roll on. There can be other causes for a poor routine but, you get the idea. No matter how it comes about, a poor oral health routine can be one of the biggest causes for tooth plaque buildup. Be sure that you’re brushing and flossing at least twice a day. This will ensure your oral health, in general, is getting good attention.

Sleeping Without Cleaning

Many of us use dinner as our biggest meal of the day. Many of us also only brush in the morning during our daily routine of getting ready. However, most of the damage to our teeth, including plaque buildup, occurs while we’re sleeping. It’s important that our teeth are fresh and clean before bed in order to stay as clean and protected as possible.

Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco

All three of these substances are used in large quantities on a daily basis around the world. They are extremely bad for your tooth and not only cause major tooth plaque buildup but, tooth decay, gum disease, mouth cancer, etc.

Forgetting to Use Mouthwash

When we eat, we don’t’ realize that things such as bad bacteria get up under our gums and in hard to reach places on or around our teeth. Brushing and even flossing often times can’t even reach them. These hard to reach spots are reached when we use a good mouthwash. The liquid finds those hard to reach places and washes away the harmful substance. Mouthwash may not seem important however, it’s a vital step in an oral health routine that shouldn’t be overlooked.

There are a great many causes out there for tooth plaque. However, the basics listed above should be a great guideline for an overall, healthy oral routine on the daily.


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