Ways to Care for Your Smile When You Have Dentures

Dentures are a wonderful option for those who have to have multiple teeth removed or repaired. However, when a patient gets dentures, they have to learn how to take care of them. This also means learning how to adjust their oral health routine outside of caring for the dentures.

Natural Teeth

Many patients who have dentures may still have natural teeth in place. This means those teeth will still need to be cared for in a normal manner. Brushed twice a day for two minutes, flossed, rinsed, etc. Keeping your natural teeth in tip top shape is always the top priority of any dental professional and should be yours as well, even if you only have a few remaining. Your dentures will have a different type of care needed than your natural teeth. Due to this, your oral health routine may expand a bit.

The Dentures

Your average store carries denture cleaner. This often comes in an overnight soak. It’s important that dentures stay moist in order to stay in the best shape. Therefore, if they’re not in your mouth where saliva keeps them moist, in a glass of water with the soaking cleanser is a good spot to keep them. You shouldn’t have to do any special brushing or cleansing work on the dentures outside of the overnight soak. However, keep an eye on the quality and cleanliness of your dentures. If you want to make sure you’re staying on top of the correct care for your dentures, check with your dental professional. They are always more than happy to ensure your dentures are being cared for in the best possible manner.

Gum Care

You will notice that when you get dentures, your gums will adjust a bit. Your dentures may need to be altered as your gums that have the missing teeth, make their adjustments. It’s important that you brush your gums, gently, and keep them rinsed, just as you would your natural teeth. Gums can collect bad bacteria which can result in gum disease or gums becoming sensitive, swollen, or bleeding. Your dentures rely on your gums to stay in place. Keeping your gums healthy is a huge key to a great, natural look, with your dentures.

If you’re unsatisfied with the color of your dentures or the look, speak with your dental professional about your options. Often times, there are ways to adjust the dentures to fit your preferences. If your dentures aren’t fitting properly as in they’re loose, rub funny, etc. this is also a cause for talking to your dental professional. You want your dentures to fit as naturally and comfortably as possible. Proper care will help ensure this.


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