What Can You Do About Sensitive Teeth?

No one likes dealing with sensitive teeth. It makes it difficult to chew certain foods and enjoy cold drinks. Sometimes, it’s so painful that we can’t even enjoy certain activities. If your teeth are feeling overly sensitive, there are a few things you can do to combat this issue and remedy the problem.

See Your Dentist

First and foremost, if this is sensitivity is coming out of the blue or is something that’s newer to you, you’ll want to go in for a checkup. This allows your dentist to figure out what has changed and how severe the issue might be. They can also make very specific suggestions based on your exact circumstances. This is best since trying to fix or mask the pain on our own can leave us shooting in the dark more than anything.

Use Sensitivity Toothpaste

There are many toothpaste brands that make over the counter options for helping with sensitivity. They’re not pricey and this option works great for light sensitivity issues or helping with basic sensitivity until you can get to a dentist. Products such as Orajel and similar brands as help for temporary relief from sensitivity.

Stay Away From Things That Will Exacerbate It

Until you can get to a dentist or until the product you’re using starts to take effect, try to stay away from extreme temperatures concerning your food or drinks. Super sugary products such as soda and juice should be avoided as well since all of these have a tendency to make the sensitivity pain more obvious.

Switch to a Softer Brush

Many people don’t realize they’re causing their own pain by brushing too hard. If you have a toothbrush that’s got hard bristles or you’re pushing too hard when you brush, you could be stripping the enamel away from your teeth. This will cause them to be more sensitive and they’ll appear dull in color. Switch up to a softer toothbrush to prevent this issue from occurring.

Avoid Grinding Your Teeth

Most of the time, grinding teeth occurs during the night in our sleep so it’s hard to stop the habit of engaging in this act. However, there are items such as mouthguards that can help counteract this issue. Teeth grinding can cause your teeth to become cracked or damaged and this can cause exposed nerves leading to sensitivity. Tactics such as reducing stress or doing Yoga before bed can help reduce grinding as well.

Although there are a few ways to help combat sensitivity occurring with your teeth, there’s no better solution than seeing the dentist. They can provide you with real and exact answers on what’s going on with your oral health. This pinpoints the issue and fixes it so there’s no guessing.


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