What Causes Gums To Bleed?

Have you noticed that your gums are always bleeding when brushing or flossing?

When patients come into Premier Family Dental in Gilbert, gum disease is often a cause of their bleeding gums when brushing or flossing. However, if they have been doing the cleaning technique at home it could just be from that and not anything more serious. Mild cases may require only treating with fluoride treatments for children who are still putting things into their mouths after being told not to do so by parents/guardians!

Patients at Premier Family Dental in Gilbert might think that if they brush hard enough, their teeth will be cleaner. However, it can also damage your enamel and cause gum pain for weeks or months afterward! Brushing too hard can damage your teeth, and the bristles of a toothbrush don’t have to be very soft. In fact, they should actually feel quite firm for this process so that you are able to remove any bacteria from between them easily with no pain or discomfort for our patients at Premier Family Dental in Gilbert. In some cases it may not even just come down to how cleanly we brush our pearly whites; if one is brushing too eagerly or their dental hygiene isn’t up-to-snuff then there could still potentially exist problems within these areas.

You may have gingivitis where you notice your gumlines are inflamed, red, and swollen. It’s a mild form of periodontal disease that occurs when there is plaque buildup along the tooth’s chewing edge or around fillings in addition to healthy pockets within our mouths which can lead us to more serious health problems like a heart attack. I hope this helped clear things up about what exactly goes on with these common dental issues so now know how important it really needs attention before it’s too late – try using some different brushing techniques today. We want all of our patients at Premier Family Dental in Gilbert to be in good health whether it’s dental-related or not. 

Could Other Health Issues In My Body Affect Gums Bleeding? 

With diabetes, your teeth and gum health could be affected. Diabetes isn’t strong enough to fight bacteria or heal properly if you have any form of infection like gingivitis. Even though cancer may seem unrelated at first glance; it actually has something called platelets which help stop bleeding when they’re low on blood supply because this allows for more time spent healing instead of having unnecessary complications down the line. 

There are a number of medications that could cause side effects for our patients at Premier Family Dental in Gilbert when taken with other prescription or over-the-counter drugs, so you should speak to your doctor about any potential interactions. Some examples include blood thinners and hypertension treatments which can lead to bleeding gums due in part to their anti-platelet properties. 

Could Dentures Cause Gumline To Bleed?

You may not know it, but your dentures could be causing more harm than you think. If they don’t fit well and are too big for the spaces in between teeth or press against them when eating certain foods like chewing on hard ice cubes which causes abrasion damage to gums then this will result in tooth loss due to less painful conditions such as dysphoric enamelists – where even tiny scratches can cause pain because there aren’t much nerve endings left after years of exposure! With our experienced team at Premier Family Dental in Gilbert, we want all of the patients to be comfortable when having dentures. If you are interested in getting dentures, call our office at Premier Family Dental in Gilbert today!

As a dentist at Premier Family Dental in Gilbert, Arizona, we see many people who are experiencing chronic gum bleeding. It can be caused by an injury to the mouth or even long-term neglect of your dental health! If you notice gums bleeding and inflamed, then please call us today for an appointment so that we can help get your dental health back on track! 


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