What Does Your Tongue Tell You About Your Health?

At Premier Family Dental we have seen cases from patients of different things found on their tongues in Gilbert. Your tongue can tell you if how your overall health is performing throughout your body, not just oral health. Typically, if you see specific things such as marks on your tongue, It can tell you what infections or other medication conditions you are going through. Our Premier Family Dental team has over 20 years of experience working with different patients across the Gilbert area. 

Premier Family Dental has a wide variety of treatments to different health conditions when it comes to your tongue in Gilbert. Our Premier team is here to help ensure your oral health and overall health are excellent to prevent any issue from arising.

What specific things can be found on your tongue in Gilbert

Our Premier patients may notice different textures or colors on your tongue in Gilbert. You could see white patches, brown/black hair coating, bright red, bumps, soreness, fissured tongue, or could even see signs of mouth cancer. 

White patches on your tongue in Gilbert can be a sign of a fungal infection. It can typically happen following an illness or medications that have changed your mouth’s bacteria. Your immune system may be fighting an illness. Usually, it can be scraped off with a tongue scraper.

The second thing you can notice on your tongue is brown hair like on your tongue in Gilbert. You shouldn’t be alarmed about this as it can be easily scraped off. In other cases, if you know you are diagnosed with HIV or another infected virus, that usually happens with people with a virus infection. 

The black hairy tongue can be seen on your tongue doesn’t cause any harm to patients across Gilbert. If you take an antacid, this is usually why it causes the black color on your tongue in Gilbert, which can be easily cleaned off. 

You would always think a red tongue in Gilbert is normal, but other serious conditions can be found with a red tongue, especially if you have a strawberry-like tongue. Your body may have inflamed blood vessels, fever, or your body just doesn’t have enough vitamin B3.

Your tongue texture could change often as you eat or drink different things. If you start to notice bumps and feel soreness along your tongue that is painful, you may have oral cancer. Be careful eating hot meals and hot drinks as it can cause your tongue to likely burn. Be sure to check with your dentist or doctor in Gilbert for oral cancer on your tongue in Gilbert. 

Deep grooves are another thing your tongue in Gilbert can look like if you are suffering from down syndrome and psoriasis. This tongue condition will not cause any harm to you. To prevent this, you should always carefully brush your tongue in Gilbert to clear bacteria that is stuck inside of the mouth. Either way, you always be brushing, flossing, and cleaning your tongue in Gilbert on a daily basis to prevent any bacteria infections. 

Our professional team of dentists at Premier is experienced in working with hundreds of patients across Gilbert with diagnosing their tongue conditions and to see if there is treatment. Your health is always a top priority and we are every step of the way to figure out what treatments are best for you! You can always find out more about your tongue in Gilbert at Premier Family Dental.

If you have questions regarding the health of your tongue in Gilbert, don’t hesitate to give our Premier team a call today to see how we can help you.


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