What factors may influence the value of dental implants?

Dental Implants are the most efficient way to replace broken or missing teeth, crowns or to support bridges. Sometimes patient’s dental insurance may not cover the cost of dental implants procedure. 

What factors may influence the value of dental implants?

Number of replacements

Cost of replacing several teeth will be logically more than replacing of one tooth.

Price will be determined by the configuration of your mouth, health of your teeth and gums, number of implants that are required. If a denture or a bridge needs suitable replacement, the number of support implants will also impact the cost.

Sometimes bone graft is considered as a result of a missing tooth or atrophy of the jaw. There are some other factors as well. The most common procedure required before the installation of dental implants is the extraction of any teeth that may be infected. 

Location and Preparatory treatments

Different types of teeth require the different approach. Each mouth is different and in need of individualized care. The angle of your front teeth needs to be aligned with the existing jawline to ensure your smile looks great. Before your dental implants are placed, maybe you’ll have to receive tissue grafts or teeth extraction. These preparations are an additional cost, but they improve chances for long-lasting implantation. Before the procedure, you will probably receive some dental sedation. Anesthetics can also add the value to your treatment.

Bone Density

There must be enough bone to secure the titanium post. Low bone density sometimes required additional preparation to ensure successful results. Sinus augmentations or Initial bone grafts are used to prepare your mouth for the procedure accordingly.

Dentist’s Experience

Of course, you want a professional and experienced dentist to perform surgery or other procedure. This improves the overall experience and successful implant placement. Paying some extra money for knowledge and more safety is always a good investment.

The quality of the Implants

Materials are critical. Most of the implants for the bone are made from titanium. This is the most often used metal in bone healing procedure, but today you can receive implants made with the variety of metals or non-metal materials. Ceramic implants and as an alternative to titanium dental implants. Things to consider are that the abutment that attaches implant and replacement teeth are often crafted from numerous materials as are the replacement teeth themselves. You should find your options benefits, the healing process, cost and disadvantages with your dentist before you start the treatment.

Dental Insurance

With decades of new materials and new procedures, dental insurance still doesn’t recognize this process as a necessary treatment. Dental Insurances are behind the times when it comes to innovative methods. Some parts of your treatment plan will get insurance coverage, and an experienced dentist will help you with this part maximizing the benefits. Preparatory procedures, replacement teeth, and sedation plan will receive some coverage form your insurance. 

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