What is Implant Restoration Procedure?

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Dental implants have become a very popular solution to replacing adult teeth permanently. Usually, when teeth are unsalvageable, dental implants can replace as a natural looking option. Sometimes, just like your teeth, these dental implants need to be repaired. That’s where implant restoration comes into play.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are made up of three separate parts. The implant itself is actually a piece that is secured in the jawbone. Attached to that is a piece called the abutment. This is a strong, metal piece that will secure the implant and upper portion together. The upper portion, or the part that looks like a tooth, is called a crown. This is attached to the abutment through a cementing process.

What Does the Procedure Entail?

It’s important to note that most often, the implant itself, the portion in the jawbone, is not usually the focus of the restoration procedure. It’s usually the crown or abutment needing the adjustment or correction. Often times, the restoration procedure involves replacing the abutment and crown altogether. The process is fairly simple in order for restoration to be accomplished. First, a scan is taken of the implant to determine, size, shape, etc. Then, a new abutment is fashioned to custom fit your needs. Once the abutment has been replaced, a new crown is fashioned to fit perfectly into the empty spot where the other crown was.

It’s important in this procedure that the crown fits perfectly in with your other teeth. In other words, height, width, etc, are all very important factors when getting either an implant for the first time or if it’s being repaired/replaced. Lynn Dental Care states that “In order to be sufficiently sturdy, the implant needs to fuse with the jawbone, the abutment needs to be securely fastened to the implant, and the crown should be well fitted to the abutment. In addition, the gum line needs to remain in contact with the implant so as to prevent infection in the tissue and bone around it, and the tooth needs to be kept clean.” In other words, a lot of care goes into ensuring your smile is perfect from start to finish and for a long while after the procedure or restoration is over.

What Can Cause Damage to a Dental Implant?

Just with your natural teeth, the crown or abutment can be chipped, cracked, etc. from normal aspects such as chewing. If you get bumped in the mouth hard enough, your natural teeth can crack, chip, or break. In the same way, dental implants are the same way but, maybe a little stronger. However, accidents happen and it’s just as easy to get dental implants repaired as it is your normal teeth. Dental implants are truly a great option when it comes to replacing your natural teeth.


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