What to do When Dental Crowns Feel Loose?

When we get dental work done, we don’t think about the issues that could arise down the road with it. Therefore, when issues pop up, we might panic a bit and wonder what our next step should be. Crowns are a sort of cap for a damaged or weak tooth. A crown restores a tooth to its normal sizes and reinforces its strength. However, a crown is not a natural tooth therefore, it may become loose or even become cracked after some use. If you’re having issues with your dental crown coming loose, here are a few steps to help you out.

Dental Cement

Over the counter temporary fixes are available to help when a crown feels loose or is broken. It’s best to have this on hand for emergencies or for a temporary fix until you can make it in to see your dentist. Dental cement will secure the crown in place temporarily although it may be a bit more sensitive to use and should not be used in a normal manner as it could cause further damage. If the crown is broken, it’s best to secure it with the cement and then avoid using it if possible. If you’re in a pinch, sugar free gum can also be used to keep the crown in place, along with any broken pieces, until you can get to a dentist.

Avoid Sticky or Hard Foods

If your crown feels loose, it’s best to avoid using it on a normal basis. In other words, try to stick with foods that aren’t super sticky such as taffy and avoid hard foods such as apples, etc. These will only cause more damage to the crown. Remember, a crown is protecting and reinforcing the tooth below it which means that damage done to a crown, if extensive enough, could cause more damage to the tooth below.

Get to the Dentist

If your crown is loose, don’t waste time getting to your dentist. As mentioned, try to avoid using the tooth with the crown as much as possible and attempt to secure it in place with a temporary fix. Get to the dentist as soon as you can in order to get the crown fixed or repaired. If you ignore the fact that the crown is loose, more damage could be caused to it, or the tooth below it, resulting in more dental work than if you would have gotten in as soon as possible. Temporary fixes are a great option but, they’re just temporary for a reason and shouldn’t be relied on as long term solutions to fixing a loose or broken crown. Fixing a crown can only be accomplished by a professional. Therefore, there are no long term solutions to fixing or repairing a crown other than seeing your dental professional as soon as possible.


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