What To Look Out For After Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted at Premier Family Dental in Gilbert, AZ

Our patients at Premier Family Dental in Gilbert, AZ often notice pain when they get their wisdom teeth. This is because sometimes these teeth can grow into place at different angles and cause discomfort for you as well as other issues like food getting trapped behind the tooth damaging surrounding bone or causing a fluid-filled sac (cyst). If it feels out of line with what’s normal then we advise that you see an expert who will be able to tell whether there are any problems without having surgery done on your mouth. 

Wisdom teeth are often a challenge for some of our patients at Premier Family Dental in Gilbert, Arizona. In the event that you need to have one or more wisdom tooth(s) removed, we recommend having this done by an experienced oral surgeon or your experienced dentist in your local area in order for your procedure to go as smoothly and quickly as possible! You will be under anesthesia so it’s just about an hour-long surgery time – but there’ll still be some post-surgery care instructions from our team at home which include how frequently patients should visit their dentist after undergoing these procedures (follow up appointments!) when they can start eating again following wisdom teeth extraction in Gilbert, Arizona. 

The post-surgery recovery process for wisdom teeth removal is important to think about before you begin. Your dentist or oral surgeon should have gone over all the risks and what’s expected during your consultation when they were explaining the procedure to us, but here are some things that you will need to look out for such as infection in either socket; excessive bleeding, the pain worsens than normal causes swelling around both surgical sites or loss of feeling which could be nerve damage! If any of these occur call immediately your dentist or oral surgeon, so treatment can start right away! 

Always read the medication prescribed by your dentist or oral surgeon carefully, as it may be dangerous if taken incorrectly. Be sure to discuss any daily medications you are taking with them and find out which ones aren’t interacting before recovering from wisdom teeth removal surgery so that they won’t likely arise side effects during recovery time. You should also beware of certain interactions between different kinds of medications post-surgery because this can cause rare but potentially serious complications like confusion among other things.

We want all of our patients at Premier Family Dental in Gilbert, Arizona to be confident in their smiles and be healthy for their body and orally. If you are interested in getting your wisdom teeth extracted, call our office at Premier Family Dental to schedule your consultation.  We ensure our patients at Premier Family Dental that you are in the hands of experienced professionals that have done successful wisdom teeth extractions. If you notice any of these issues or something out of the ordinary, contact our office at Premier Family Dental in Gilbert, Arizona. If it’s an emergency that is not during normal hours, call 911 immediately! 


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