What you need to know about dental emergencies

Even after following perfect dental hygiene practices and keeping your teeth squeaky clean, dental emergencies can happen to anyone and can happen anytime. Anything that requires immediate medical attention can constitute a dental emergency. This could be a chipped tooth, an inexplicable toothache, or worse, injuries or infections of the teeth or gums. Thus, it is important to understand the different types of dental emergencies and how to handle them. 

While there are a lot of instances that could qualify as a dental emergency, looking at the symptoms and severity of the problem can help one quickly judge and decide what to do.

Some common symptoms of a dental emergency

Severe Toothache

While toothaches are common and can occur for a variety of reasons, extremely painful toothaches should be treated as soon as possible. Extreme toothache and swelling around a tooth could be a sign of a dental abscess. This is a serious condition that requires immediate care. If the toothache doesn’t go away with painkillers, the dentist might need to check for infections or abscesses and even remove the affected tooth. 


While mild gum bleeding when brushing is a common occurrence, heavy bleeding after an injury or dental procedure can be a cause for concern. If you find yourself in such a situation, put dental gauze at the site of the bleeding and bite down on it, exerting pressure. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, you must visit the dentist immediately. 

Damaged Teeth

Teeth can end up being damaged due to a number of factors. Infections and cavities can cause damage to the roots of the teeth, which can lead to very painful toothaches. Physical injuries can also result in chipped or broken teeth. If you ever find yourself in a position where your teeth are broken or have fallen out, try to reinsert them into the gum socket and seek immediate medical care. If reinsertion does not work, keep the teeth in milk or saline solution till you reach the dentist. 

These and many more symptoms can be a sign that you are in a dental emergency and need emergency dental care. Let us now look at what you should do if you find yourself in this situation. 

What to do when there is a dental emergency?

Apply Basic First-aid

Most dental emergencies require immediate medical attention. Still, certain basic aid practices can help reduce the severity of the injury until one gets to the dentist. In cases like bleeding and tooth injuries, one must place a dental gauze above the injury and bite down on it, applying pressure. Dislodged teeth can be reinserted or stored in a glass of milk or saline solution before being taken to the dentist. 

Contact the Dentist

The most important step during a dental emergency is contacting a qualified dentist. Most clinics have dentists on standby who can provide emergency dental services. If left untreated, issues like dental infections can end up becoming life-threatening, so it is important to consult a dentist as soon as you identify the problem.

We got you covered at Premier!

Has all this got you worried about your teeth? At Premier Family Dental, we have a team of doctors and support staff who work together to find and treat all kinds of dental emergencies. We offer emergency dental services like root canals, crowns, extractions, diagnosing toothaches, and more. You can give us a call or book an appointment online through our website.


What you need to know about dental emergencies
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What you need to know about dental emergencies
Anything that requires immediate medical attention can constitute a dental emergency. This could be a chipped tooth, an inexplicable toothache, or worse, injuries or infections of the teeth or gums.
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