What You Need to Know About Getting Dentures

Dentures are common across the US and are more popular within the senior citizen’s crowd. If you are thinking of getting dentures or know someone who needs to receive them, there are always curiosities. Getting dentures is a pretty simple process and isn’t nearly as complicated as they might seem. Keep reading to find answers to some of the more popular questions asked about dentures.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are basically false teeth. Whether a patient has had teeth knocked loose, tooth decay resulting in the loss of teeth, or age has simply taken a toll, dentures act as a replacement. Dentures can be only a couple of teeth or entire rows of teeth. Depending on the type of denture needed, they may attach by a wire to the teeth next to the one needing to be replaced or to the gums with a special paste. Dentures are not permanently fixed unless implants are used. Dentures are removable, including the full rows. Dentures not only include false teeth, but they include false gums as well to make the replacement look natural.

What Are Dentures Made Out of?

Hard resin is the most commonly used material for dentures. Dentures can sometimes be made out of porcelain or plastic, but these materials aren’t as commonly used currently. Dentures are fragile and can be easily broken if handled improperly or roughly. For example, dropping them, letting them fall instead of setting them down, eating foods that aren’t suggested, etc. Dentures will eventually need to be replaced as they wear down over time, just like normal teeth would.

How Long Does it Take for Dentures to Feel Normal?

It usually takes the average person a few weeks to get used to dentures. There will be some discomfort and feelings of awkwardness when first speaking and eating. However, it’s important to remember, the more the dentures are used, the quicker a patient will get used to them and find them comfortable. Before long, they’ll feel natural.

What is the Process for Getting Dentures?

If teeth still remain, those may be removed, depending on what you and your dentist have discussed. If teeth remain that need to be removed, this will occur first. While the patient heals from the extraction, mold, and measurement of the mouth is taken and the dentures are fashioned in a lab to perfectly fit their mouth. After 6-8 weeks have passed for the mouth to heal properly, the patient will then try on the new dentures to ensure they fit properly. Getting a proper and good pair of dentures can take up to 3 months but can fluctuate depending on the circumstances of each patient.

Keeping your dentures clean and preserved is vital for them to last as long as possible, in the best shape as possible. It’s important they’re removed every night during sleep and soaked in order to give your gums and mouth a break. Overall, dentures are a wonderful way to feel like you’re back to normal after having some or all of your teeth removed.


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