When Do You Need A Dental Filling In Gilbert?

Premier Family Dental wants all our Gilbert patients to have beautiful healthy smiles. Cavities are most common in young children especially when they have a craving for sweets. There could be other causes when you have cavities and are needing a dental filling in Gilbert. 

We all know how if you have a sweet tooth, your love for sugar is unstoppable! Keep in mind, that sugary sweets or no matter what you are eating and drinking can decay your tooth if you are not properly brushing and flossing on a daily bases. In this case, if your tooth is decaying, our professional dentist at Premier Family Dental recommends getting a dental filling in Gilbert.

What Is A Dental Filling In Gilbert, Arizona?

A Dental Filling in Gilbert is a dental procedure that is done at Premier Family Dental in Gilbert. The technique is used to restore part of a tooth that has been decaying. It’s a small piece of Amalgam that is placed on top of the decayed hole on top of the tooth. This can come in various colors such as silver, white, or gold of your choice. 

When Would You Need To Get A Dental Filling At Premier Family Dental in Gilbert?

There are a few things you could notice as your days go on. If you start feeling pain around your tooth, it could likely be a sign of a cavity. If there was sugar still sitting around your tooth, if not properly cleaned over time it can lead to your tooth start decaying. Teeth sensitivity is another one to look out for when eating or drinking, your teeth could start to decay to the point where it triggers your nerves then a dental filling in Gilbert is highly recommended. 

If you are experiencing any pain around your mouth, you should contact your dentist to get it checked out. You could possibly need a dental filling in Gilbert. The longer you wait, the worse it may get overtime. Your dentist will be able to give you an accurate answer if you are needing a dental filling. We do not recommend anyone trying to do a dental filling at home and we also don’t want you to cause even further damage to your tooth. 

To figure out if you are needed a dental filling in Gilbert, your dentist will examine your teeth and the area you are experiencing discomfort in. They will use their professional small instrument to poke around and gently tap to see if there is any sensitivity to your teeth. Also if they notice sharp pointed tips, cracks, or discoloration could be a sign of cavities. 

Typically, Premier Family Dental in Gilbert will take x-ray scans of all of your teeth to also examine them even further to check if you are needed for a dental filling in Gilbert. The x-ray images will give us a more in-depth look into your teeth and also underneath your gums to ensure we aren’t missing anything. X-rays always give our dentists at Premier Family Dental a much better picture especially if you need not only a dental filling in Gilbert but also a root canal. 

After the examination has been completed, our dentists will go over with you what they have found and talk to you about treatment plans to help you recover from tooth decay and the options when it comes to dental fillings in Gilbert. 

If you have any questions regarding dental fillings in Gilbert, don’t hesitate to give our dental office a call today to see how we can help you! Our team of professionals is ready to help you if you need immediate attention for emergency dental care as well!


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