Why Choosing The Right Toothbrush Is So Important

Many of our patients at Premier Family Dental in Gilbert, Arizona are offered a free toothbrush when coming in for a regular cleaning every 6 months. When it comes to choosing a new toothbrush you need to know the benefits of a variety of toothbrush brands. There are tons of brands of toothbrushes in hundreds of grocery stores worldwide. 

We want to make sure our patients at Premier Family Dental in Gilbert are getting the best possible care and that means screening them for a variety of different needs. We ask questions about your oral health routine, what kind of toothpaste you use on occasion as well as how often do think it’s necessary to brush your teeth during an appointment in order to get screened appropriately so they can experience their visit without worry or anxiety over potential issues before coming into see us!

Benefits Of A New Toothbrush For Our Premier Family Dental Patients In Gilbert 

Premier Family Dental patients in Gilbert should brush their teeth with a toothbrush that has an inch-wide head and is at least 2 inches tall. If you have trouble reaching the back molars or if there’s not enough space between them, then get something larger!

Toothbrushes come in three different shapes, sizes, and textures. The best toothbrush for you will depend on your needs! Soft nylon-bristled brushes can help prevent damage to the gums while also cleaning teeth well without harming enamel or causing pain when used properly depending on how hard it is being brushed by oneself vs having someone else do so because of their higher quality handle shape design that allows them better control over where exactly each individual contact point resides at within whatever rectangular surface area they have available given these circumstances.

The choice of bristles is an important one, as it can make a world difference in terms of safety and comfort. Rounded bristles tend not to have sharp edges which means they’re less likely than straight ones to be damaging your gums over time (and thus increasing chances for infections). A lot of people think that if you want nice-looking teeth then use flat brushes but I always recommend using round-tipped versions because this kind won’t irritate you when you’re trying to get your mouth clean after eating pizza!

The manual toothbrush has many benefits when it comes to brushing your teeth. For $5 or less, you can buy yourself an effective and affordable tool that will help ensure cleanliness in between trips outside of your home sweet home! There are tons upon variety available for all tastes–from bristles lengthwise down the shaft (the longer ones)to those with tiny round heads designed specifically meant as parers towards plaque buildup on front surfaces near gum line; there really is something here just right according what style suits one’s personal preferences best whether. 

Electric toothbrushes are a great option for those who have trouble moving their hands or fingers around. For patients with limited mobility, an electric brush makes brushing easier and more efficient because you don’t need to worry about manually rotating the bristles on your regular manual toothbrush! Not only that but it’s also safe for gums which is another major benefit when compared to traditional methods of dental hygiene like picking up floss after dinner (I know we’ve all done this). One con though? They can be pretty expensive–but if saving time isn’t worth paying twice then think again since nothing will get between us and good oral health

Should Premier Family Dental Patients Choose An Electric Or A Manual Toothbrush?

We know how patients at Premier Family Dental in Gilbert, Arizona love using a toothbrush where they don’t have to put tons of pressure when having an electric toothbrush. It is very hard to choose which one would be better for brushing your teeth because they both serve good benefits but do have a few downsides to each of them. 

If you have difficulty with manual dexterity, an electric toothbrush may be helpful to remove plaque on your teeth. Many come with timers and sensors so that two minutes of brushing are gotten out in one go – this will ensure better hygiene for the long term since it’s hard not to fondle our own brushes while we do still use them! Some also include technology with sensors that tell us whether or not our technique is causing damage by being too aggressive during cleanings.

If you have any questions about which type of toothbrush is best for you, give our office at Premier Family Dental in Gilbert a call today!


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