Why Does My Breath Still Stink After Brushing?

We’ve all been there. We wake up, brush our teeth, and go through our regular routine of preparing for the day. However, shortly into our day, even before we’ve eaten lunch, it’s obvious that we have a case of bad breath. Most of us will probably start frantically searching for a way to freshen our breath while being a little frustrated that we have bad breath at all. After all, we brushed our teeth and haven’t put anything in our mouth since then, so what’s the problem? There are a few reasons why a person may have bad breath, even after brushing. Read on to see if any of the explanations match your situation.


Certain illnesses or infections can cause a person to have a very distinct smell on their breath. The smell isn’t usually a good one and is different from your average, everyday morning breath. Sadly, the smell is more closely related to fecal matter and is usually connected to sinus and respiratory issues. Bacteria, when relocating from your nose, will eventually hit the throat, which is where the odor originates from. There are a wide range of illnesses that can cause this to occur.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Even if a patient has brushed for the day, previous poor oral hygiene can still cause them to have consistent bad breath. This won’t go away until they remedy the consequences of not keeping up on a good dental routine. When a patient doesn’t practice good oral hygiene, bacteria and plaque build-up on their teeth which leads to a variety of issues that slowly get worse over time. Even in the earlier stages of gum disease, a consistent bad breath will linger simply because the cause of it can’t be removed with one simple day of good brushing. A deep cleaning will be necessary, with a professional, in order for the buildup to be removed, effectively eliminating the bad breath issue.

Skipping Steps

Many people don’t think about brushing their tongue. Further, they don’t think that rinsing the mouth is an important step. However, both of these steps are important in a person’s daily oral hygiene routine. The tongue can collect a lot of bacteria and is constantly brushing up against your teeth. If you skip brushing it, you’re leaving a large number of bacteria in the mouth which can mean bad breath, even after brushing. Rinsing with mouthwash, or even just water is vital because it flushes in between your teeth and clears away what you just brushed off. Brushing doesn’t reach every single area of the mouth, but mouthwash can. Plus, you wouldn’t wash a car and then not rinse it because then it would leave junk behind.

There are many other causes for bad breath to remain even after brushing. If you’re having trouble with persistent halitosis, see your dental professional as quickly as possible. They’ll be able to get to the root of the problem and give suggestions for eliminating it.



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