Why Home Remedies are Dangerous for Extracting a Baby Tooth?

Extracting a Baby Tooth

At Premier Family Dental, we have a professional team ready to extract any baby tooth you may have. There are quick and painless ways of removing it at home but having an expert dentist pull out your child’s unwanted molars with their own professional instruments ensures that everything will be safe for both parties involved!

When you’re brushing your teeth, does the tooth wiggle? If it doesn’t feel sturdy enough to stay in place without being pushed back by pressure from our chewing muscles then we need some help. You might notice that when this happens there’s more room for food particles between spaces where two opposing sides meet – which can lead to an infection if not looked after properly!

Premier Family Dental is here to ensure you that having a professional dentist extract your baby tooth is the safest way without having any complications. If you are looking for an easy way to remove a loose tooth, there is not one simple technique that will work in all cases. Your child’s health care professional should always be consulted first before removing any oral tissues or performing extractions because they have the know-how on what could potentially harmful at-home techniques that could affect both gum and jaw structure. 

Dangerous Ways to Extract a Baby Tooth at Home

  • Tie a string around the tooth and take the other end of the string onto a ball
  • Bite into an apple 
  • Using your hands to pull out the tooth

If you or your child are removing a tooth at home, be on the lookout for signs of bleeding and swelling. These could indicate that there’s gum disease present which will require professional treatment from Premier Family Dental! When they remove their new permanent molars after surgery to prevent future problems with decay-causing bacteria getting into its socket, kids often experience some post-extraction pain this is normal too but can last up to 1 day. If this doesn’t go away within 2 days call us right away because something may need attention other than just being sore. 

Having Premier Family Dental Remove Your Loose Tooth

The process of extracting a baby tooth may seem simple, but it’s not always as easy to do on your own. Your child’s teeth will need professional help from the experts at Premier Family Dental in order for us to make sure they don’t damage their gums or growth plate around this time! We use our special tools that are designed specifically for extractions so you can relax while we get everything taken care of quickly and efficiently- just like how an expert would handle things if there were no problems involved.


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