Wisdom Teeth Removal at Dental Office vs. Oral Surgeon In Gilbert, AZ

You can experience toothache anywhere for most of our patients at Premier Family Dental, but if you’re a Gilbert resident and have your wisdom teeth growing at an angle that causes food to be trapped in the back of your mouth pain could become unbearable. At Premier Family Dental we want our patients’ mouths free from discomfort as soon as possible so don’t wait too long before taking care of this issue where it might get worse! Now’s not exactly the time for vacation yet? Make sure to see our doctors at Premier Family Dental in Gilbert, AZ today about how they’ll remove those extra molars without removing any other healthy tissues needed – it will help ensure confident smiles around town. 

At Premier Family Dental in Gilbert, Arizona we do not try a DIY at home to remove your wisdom teeth. There are many risks and it will be less comfortable for you as well! A good way of removing this problem is by going through the right procedure with an expert such as a dentist or oral surgeon in Gilbert, AZ who has years of experience doing just that- removing them safely from patients’ mouths without any problems or complications. 

Dental Clinic vs. Oral Surgeon For Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Gilbert, AZ

At Premier Family Dental in Gilbert, AZ we understand that every patient has different needs and budgets which is why our team offers flexible options for oral surgery. If you are looking to have wisdom teeth removed or if there’s an exposed root present below your gum line then most likely a regular dentist can take care of this procedure without any complications during their office visit – just let us know what day/time works best! However, sometimes it may require more expertise than what one would typically find within the average practice setting so please consider contacting Premier Family Dental to see what other professional oral surgeons are in the Gilbert, AZ area. 

For those who need a dentist in the Gilbert area, we can put you into contact with some of our favorite oral surgeons. You’ll be able to get an idea about what their services are like and see if they will work for your needs before making any final decisions on which office appointment would best suit all aspects including cost-effectiveness as well as customer service experience!

When it comes to your dental health at Premier Family Dental in Gilbert, AZ, you should never take any chances. If the thought of having surgery makes you anxious or uncomfortable in any way then there are plenty of other options for getting this done right! Most orthodontic surgeons will perform oral maxillofacial procedures such as wisdom tooth extractions but an oral surgeon might be more appropriate if their expertise includes delicate issues like these – especially since they’re trained specifically on how best to handle cases like yours without causing damage while still achieving desired results. Here are a few reasons why you may be recommended to an oral surgeon in Gilbert, AZ. 

  • Your anesthetic will be administered at the beginning of wisdom teeth extraction in Gilbert, AZ and you’ll have a great nap before waking up on your way home.
  • Wisdom teeth are tricky to remove because of the complexity of your facial structure. If you have a more complex dental appearance, it might be difficult for an average dentist to do so without causing damage or pain during the removal process. 
  • The decision to have a dentist or oral surgeon perform your wisdom teeth extraction is an important one. Our team at Premier Family Dental will work with you and provide the best care possible during this procedure, but if we determine that there are risks involved such as nerve damage from overbite complications then it may be necessary for us to recommend moving forward with an oral surgeon instead so you don’t lean towards permanent consequences down the road like loss of function on various body parts due to lack proper blood flow caused by clots forming inside vessels near the site where the tooth was removed soon after surgery. 

What Questions Should I Ask My Oral Surgeon in Gilbert, AZ?

With so many options available to you, it can be difficult deciding who will best care for your oral health when it comes to wisdom teeth extractions in Gilbert, Arizona. Premier Family Dental offers a wide range of services from general dentistry consultations to cosmetic procedures. We are always here at the forefront researching new techniques in order to provide our patients with personalized treatment plans that fit their needs perfectly while still maintaining high standards of excellence throughout every visit which is why we take great pride when people come back year after year because they know exactly what’s expected. Here are a few questions to ask your oral surgeon in Gilbert, AZ during a scheduled consultation. 

  • How will the anesthesia be administered to me? 
  • How long will the wisdom teeth extraction take?
  • What is the procedure for performing a wisdom teeth extraction once I’m under anesthesia?
  • What are the following things I should look out for after the wisdom teeth extraction while recovering at home?
  • Is there a risk of nerve damage for me?
  • How long will the recovery take following the wisdom teeth extraction?

We want you to be in the hands of the best oral surgeon or dentist in Gilbert, AZ. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation with Premier Family Dental on your wisdom teeth extraction in Gilbert, AZ, give our office at Premier Family Dental a call today! 


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